International Admissions

International Admissions

The International Admissions Office of Girne American University (GAU) is responsible for all aspects of the application and admissions process of international student recruitment in accordance with the policies of the university, and the individual requirements of each international student; whether they are considering to apply or proceeding with their application to study at GAU for the purpose of conducting their higher education.


We  seek to ensure that prospective students applying to GAU are fully informed about our university and its location, their program of choice, the financial cost of their studies, any tuition fee scholarship granted unto them by GAU, the application process, the University's available accommodation options, and the terms and conditions related to any placement offer made to them. 



This information is made available to our prospective students both  via all official GAU Representatives worldwide (who are approved by GAU to recruit students on our behalf) and the regional International Admissions Officers here in GAU who can be contacted directly via email: intstudent@gau.edu.tr  or telephone: 0090 392 650 2000 Ext: 1347,1195 & 1174 

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