The goals of the Engineering Faculty is to provide the students with total learning experience through a curricular flexibility and student project work. The program embraces the GAU philosophy of education to encourage the individual to develop initiative capabilities and personal responsibility and to create educated leaders of the electrical and electronics engineering professions with an ability to communicate, to work in teams and to understand the broad implications of their work.


"Computer Engineering" 
Bachelor's Degree Programme

"Industrial Engineering"  Bachelor's Degree Programme

"Electrical & Electronics Engineering"  Bachelor's Degree Programme


Dean's Message

Dean's Message

Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, which was established in1992,was separated into two faculties  in 2009. Faculty of Engineering started to function from 2009-2010 academic year on. Faculty of Engineering aims to educate fully qualified engineers in all aspects. In today’s competitive environment, the engineers who are the graduates of GAU Faculty of Engineering, are aimed to be fully equipped with technological, language and engineering skills.  The vision of Faculty of Engineering is to become comprehensive, distinct faculty that is recognized both nationally and internationally in engineering teaching, research and development. The mission is to create and disseminate knowledge through creative inquiry, to provide the high standards in engineering education and to serve our students by teaching them how to become contemporary engineers who are culturally informed and well equipped with technological skills. In carrying out it...