Our Faculty provides the students a global and critical perspectives on thriving, rapidly evolving and increasingly competitive global industries of communications. The degree provides an in-depth academic examination of the advertising and communication industries, their histories, how they function and the role they play in the international society. The broad education of this kind equips graduates for a wide range of careers internationally.

Dean's Message

Dean's Message

In Communication Faculty of Girne American University, Education, in which theory, practice and art are integrated, is being executed. In our faculty it is aimed to realize high level education through distinguished academic staff. Education is both Turkish and English in all departments; Public Relations, Radio-TV and Cinema, Journalism and Broadcasting and Digital Marketing & Social Media Management. That is Girne American University is an international university that students come from not only just Turkey and North Cyprus also from all around the world. Girne American University is an international which is modern at the same time always takes aim at change and variation. In other words, rather than being a conservative and conventional university, it has international campuses and legations in the London, USA, Turkey, Hong Kong, Moldova and Sri Lanka to promote its vision of globalization, interdisciplinary relations, researc...