The Venue Café

When it comes to international food, here’s our group of cafes that has shown GAU how it should be done. V for various, E for enjoy, N for nature, U for use and once again E for environment, all these five words combine together make one name ‘VENUE’ where food games have taken place since the establishment of VENUE restaurant in 2005.

 Starlight Café

Starlight Café is a very stylish and nicely decorated café in the Spectrum building. If you want to spend some time in a calm atmosphere, then that is the place to go to. A delicious breakfast is served in the mornings and a wide variety of salads, toasts, sandwiches and desserts can be found throughout the whole day. “Afiyet olsun”!

 Café Union

Café Union is the place to be for a proper Turkish meal. They offer fresh Kebab, and Turkish pizza, 2 traditional Turkish dishes, on a daily basis, and a wide variety of vegetable, meat and potato dishes for you to choose from. Daily fresh desserts are also on offer.

 Red Room

Red room is located next to the library and provides a sitting area for 200-300 students, a perfect setting where students usually gather to study and socialize. Students can have Cypriot boreks, biscuits, international selection of delights and many more with hot and cold beverages.

 Simit Sarayi

Simit Sarayi that was established at GAU Campus in 2008 is a franchise of the famous Turkish fast food. Our students feel special while enjoy traditional Turkish Simit in the pleasant venue.