This program has been designed in order to provide high quality education of the hospitality and tourism. The mission of the GAU School of Tourism and Hospitality is to prepare intellectually developed experts and occupational work force that will answer the long term needs of the world tourism sector and its relevant fields.

Dean's Message

Dean's Message

Dear Students,  The demand for highly-educated human resources is rapidly increasing in the world of tourism. This is an inevitable result of globalization and extremely competitive market conditions. Consequently, there is a great need for a young workforce educated in accredited universities and equipped with universal knowledge and qualifications. From this perspective alone, receiving an education at the School of Tourism and Hospitality at GAU has significant advantages. GAU upholds a unique vision of “One University in Three Continents” and offers students the opportunity to study at its Northern Cyprus, UK, Singapore, and US Campuses. In addition, our business program have international accreditations. Another advantage of studying at the School of Tourism and Hospitalityis the fact that our curriculum is designed not only to give students the ability to recognize and take advantage of  local and global opportunities but also t...