Financial Aid and Scholarships

Each academic year successful GAU students are awarded with competitive additional tuition fee scholarships of either 75% or 100% to further support their studies. Students of GAU are given the opportunity to recive scholarships in 3 forms.


High Honour Scholarship

Students who achieve a CGPA of 3,50 or above after their first academic year of study (spring and fall semster) can apply for additional Academic Tuition Fee Scholarship.

Work Team Scholarship

Students can qualify for ‘work equivalent’ scholarships by working at our university’s relevant units and facilities.

Sports Scholarship

Students who are selected by our School of Sports to represent the university will be eligable for a 100% Sports Tuition Fee Scholarship. All scholarships are subject to availability. Students who withdraw a course are liable to lose their entitlement to a scholarship. Upon completion of the University’s Foundation English School top students are awarded with additional scholarships.

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