Nuriye Ceren Kaplan, 21, Türkiye, (Architecture Student)

I am Nuriye Ceren Kaplan, GAU 2nd year architecture student. I initially decided to study architecture at GAU and I see how right I was in this decision. Because at GAU faculty of architecture and design, you receive education 100% in English from very experienced, knowledgeable and friendly professors in their field, and this always makes you 1 step ahead on the international platform and distinguishes you from other architects and architecture students. For example, I came 3rd in the "Design Your Own Grave" concept competition that I took in my first year, and I received 2nd place honorable mention with the same project in the "Architect Bahaeddin Competition". My school has a share in these successes with the education it provides and the perspective it provides. The education we receive at the international level changes our perspective by increasing not only our technical but also our artistic level, and we can see this more clearly with exchange programs abroad and the change in our school's own campuses abroad. Endless thanks to GAU Faculty of Architecture, Design and Fine Arts.

Katrin Barjawi, 23, Jordan, Interior Architecture Master Student

I am Katrin Barjawi, I am 23 years old and I am doing my master's degree in Interior Architecture at Girne American University. I completed my undergraduate degree with a high GPA from Jordan University. It was a risky decision for me to study interior architecture, which is a very different field from my undergraduate education and in which I had no previous experience, and to come to Cyprus, which is a long way to study. After completing the first semester successfully, I can easily say that this department is open with open arms and offers a lot of flexibility. He welcomed me by providing. The teaching staff tries to provide the best education they can and to transfer their knowledge and experience and offer better perspectives to the students. Each course has its own spirit and atmosphere, and each teacher works very seriously in his or her own way.

I received a lot of support from my professors and classmates when I was in a difficult situation and didn't know how to draw plans or design to scale, especially in design studio classes. Everyone was very understanding and helpful.

I was used to seeing everything in terms of shadow, color and texture rather than numbers, lines and measurements, but now I can use both skills and create creative designs that are more colorful, artistic and at the same time well studied, planned and measured.

Saratu Mohammed, 20, Nigeria, (Architecture Student)

People in our faculty come from various walks of life, cultures, lifestyles and rules. You learn new things, fun and difficult topics from them every day. My friends at GAU helped me see the world in different lights. There are some rules you must follow, some you must break, and some in between. You are free to do whatever you want because no one is judging you.

Omaya Hasan, 20, Syria, (Architecture Student)

I am Omaya Hasan. I am from Syria. I came to GAU to study in the Department of Architecture for various reasons. The most important of these was the quality of education here. Educational methods are very rich in this faculty. Information that will provide adequate nutrition to students is provided every semester. Faculty of Architecture, Design and Fine Arts is known like a family. Students and professors share many of their thoughts, suggestions and ideas. The teaching staff are always helpful and supportive and motivate students to work hard and improve themselves. Students even help each other and learn from each other's experiences.