Dean's Message

Welcome to the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Fine Arts.

 In a rapidly changing world with increasingly challenging environmental, physical and societal conditions, transformative education and life-long learning are crucial to stimulate positive change and contribute more meaningfully to the global society. 

 At the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Fine Arts, we are committed to fostering an environment that values equity, diversity and inclusiveness in research and intellectual growth, which we believe are key elements in creating just and peaceful societies. 

 For that, we are determined to provide the conditions conducive to teaching and learning to our students who are willing to develop skills and gain new knowledge in pursuing their academic and professional endeavors.

 We believe that every student has the potential to discover their own paths to achieving their career goals. Through our comprehensive programs, we - the faculty and staff - rigorously challenge ourselves to encourage and guide our students to become competent and engaged citizens who can help catalyze sustainable societal transformations.

 Therefore, as the Acting Dean, I find it essential to incorporate innovative and inclusive approaches in teaching supported by experiential learning, which are essential for developing critical and analytical thinking in problem solving, and for better decision-making in all design and planning-related activities.

 On this note, I would like to wish our students, our faculty and staff a successful journey ahead. 

 Acting Dean

 Dr. Bogachan Bayulken


 Tel: +90-392-650-2000  (ext.1315)