Exhibition: Chair as Intangible & Tangible

Exhibition: Chair as Intangible & Tangible

In the beginning of Spring 2012-2013 Semester, Basic Design II students had to face the question of why and how a designed element has to be unique. The challenge was to design a sitting/reading element for the self. The students used a scenario-based approach to work on the design problem. There were also many questions regarding the nature of this element in terms of its ergonomics, form, material, durability, etc beyond the problem of uniqueness.

Design is a process of turning intangible qualities into tangible entities. The intangible part of the process was to be able to create an image of the self through analysis of the self. As a methodology, the students reflected on their favorite cartoon characters such as Avatar the Airbender, Jane Jetgill, Cinderella, Bugs Bunnie, Ed, Johnny Bravo, Garfield and Richie Rich. in order to create an image for the expression of the element. The explored qualities were reflected into the designed element, and the reading/sitting element as an intangible idea was turned into a tangible object.

The student projects will be exhibited on 8th May 2013, Monday until 10th May 2013, Friday.