"Rebel Cities" Has Been Discussed at GAU

"Rebel Cities" Has Been Discussed at GAU

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jakob Rigi, the Faculty member of the Department of “Urban Anthropology and Sociology” of Central European University, one of the leading social sciences universities of Europe, attended the 6th Friday Seminar in GAU. These seminars with the title of "Architecture Facing World Problems" has been organized by Girne American University, Faculty of Architecture, Design and Fine Arts and thetopic of 6th seminar was "David Harvey: Rebel Cities and Urban Commons". Dr. Jakob Rigi in this seminar discussed about the recently published book of David Harvey about the resitances in the world cities and this seminar had been shown great attention to by various academicians from different fields and universities.

Dr. Rigi whom worked as a faculty member in USA Cornell University, London University and Edinburg University and achieved worldly recognized much academic studies in the field of urban anthropology, has conveyed the reformation of various phases caused by the humans towards the cities from past till today via an economic, cultural, political and social perception. During the second section of his talk Dr. Rigi have explained the reason why the cities are rebellious via the molding of the power semblance towards the cities in thereof procedures. Dr. Rigi underlined that the construction trend, economic crisis and post-rebellions are of the same routes while held emphasis on the routes of the various rebellions which had born in last 3 years within the framework of the relations between economic crisis and rebellions.

During the questions-answers part of Dr. Rigi’s speech, he emphasized that investing in construction sector and architectural projects are to avoid the economic crisis which will be efficient only in short term, thus underlined that even though the prestigious architectural projects which are realized in the European cities and mega urban reform projects do convey a temporary economic crisis measures, the example of Greece may visualize the creation of the fundamentals of the major problems. Also after the questions-answers part, Dr. Rigi has received a plaquete of appreciation from the Acting Dean of Faculty of Architecture, Design and Fine Arts, Assist. Prof. Dr. Hossein Sadri.