Welcome to the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Fine Arts.

 In a rapidly changing world with increasingly challenging environmental, physical and social conditions, transformational and lifelong learning is critical to fostering positive change and contributing more meaningfully to the global society.

 As the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Fine Arts, we believe that providing an environment based on equality, diversity and inclusion in research and intellectual development, which are the fundamental elements of creating just, peaceful and sustainable societies, is at the top of our working principles.

 For this purpose, we always aim to provide the most favorable conditions for education and training to our students who wish to improve their skills and acquire new knowledge in line with their academic and professional goals.

 While we support our students, who we believe have the potential to discover their own paths to achieve their career dreams, to become competent and participatory individuals who can contribute to sustainable development, as a faculty, we are aware of the necessity of keeping our curricula up-to-date and providing the necessary technological and physical infrastructure.

 Therefore, as the Deputy Dean, I believe that it is important to include innovative and inclusive approaches in education in developing solution-oriented critical and analytical thinking, as well as experiential learning, in order to make better decisions in all activities involving the concept of design.

 I wish a successful future to all our students, faculty and staff.

 Deputy Dean

 Dr. Boğaçhan Bayülken


 Tel: +90-392-650-2000 (ext.1315)