Girne American University (GAU), Faculty of Education, PSG Department of the Faculty Professor. Dr. Şermin Külahoğlu, gave statements about should be done after end of vacation and start of spring term.

Prof. Dr. Külahoğlu in her statements has said that the vacation ended and spring term has started, that children needed to get back into study mindset, and exhausted parents question of “how to battle the temptation of smartphone and tablets” which are always between them and their homework.

Külahoğlu has said “It`s really hard to find a person who does not have a smartphone, tablet or similiar electronic equipment today. First of all we as adults have to confess our addiction to internet chats, electronic messages and various websites. Through computer which is necessary and very facilitating for our jobs, we often deviate into the virtual world, and often set ourselves back in our jobs when we dally too much. In situations like these some companies do put strict limits on websites that are not related to job. For the time spent infront of a screen, while hard to perceive has become more widespread than alcohol and drug addictions.”

Külahoğlu, “Role of parenting is left to Electronic devices.

“Most important and apparent threat, to me is the electronic devices taking places of parents. Some couples lost to the attraction of electronic devices thinking it made parenting easier and seem to be having left parenting completely to the electronic devices themselves. “I can take some time for myself and it makes my job easier” they say and steer towards these devices. Electronic sitter does the job for them. They are free to not answer questions of their children who is playing games infront of a screen and don`t have to spend time or squabble with them. They don`t have to read bedtime stories to their children because leaving the e-book which reads it to their bedside is enough. They internalize this as not not interacting with their children, but to way of interacting.”

Külahoğlu continued with “As parents most of us give our children electronic devices as passing the grade or birthday presents and encourage them to use them. Afterwards, we soon regret that our children has spent some crazy hours on the internet infront of their screen, messages, chats and video games, and that this tool has become the focus of their life. At that point the struggle begins, even though we might be able to keep it under control in home they can find means of fixing their addictions in internet cafes outside for example.”

Külahoğlu remarked that as a result, this addiction has taken hold of both parents and chilren alike, and said “If we try to look at technological tools in a positive light, we can see that they have brought many innovations and can say they will continue to bring them. For example, with prerequisite of moderation, the internet games which we complain about a lot can help develop sensations, quick response and their ability to take action, can help with cognitive development. If you think that your child`s electronic games also give him social skills such as following the rules and developing different adaptation strategies, marvellous! But if the internet, besides the wide possibilities it offers, creates significant deviations, it means the trouble has begun.”