Director's Message

Message from the FES Director

Dear Students,

I would like to extend my best wishes to you for the Academic year 2021-2022. Girne American University has always been proud of offering a multicultural academic environment. This year, we have been enjoying the great diversity we have achieved in teaching staff and student population at the Foundation English School. In GAU, diversity has always been appreciated and welcomed as an opportunity to benefit from, as it is believed to contribute to the academic, cultural and social development as well as the international understanding of the students for international mobility.


In this programme, education is conducted using a modular system. Within an academic year, there are 4 modules, which are each 7 weeks long. The modular system is versatile and adapts easily to change. Every module is self-contained and made up of an organised mode of instruction within a systematic framework. The system allows students to progress at their own pace and receive immediate feedback. The aim of the system is to provide the student with the necessary language and skills to achieve the module objectives and move on to a higher level. The system not only accommodates students who need more time to consolidate their learning but also gives the opportunity to quick learners to progress at a faster pace.


The Foundation English School aims to achieve high quality language education by meeting current international standards in English Language Teaching. With this respect, all language teaching and learning programs have been mapped to Common European Framework as Reference for Languages and Language Modules have been organized in line with A1, A2, B1 and B2 Levels. We have been utilizing CEFRL in every step of education, teaching, learning, assessment as well as self-reflection for learners. The Foundation English School provides a route to the selected undergraduate or postgraduate degree programs by equipping students with the necessary language knowledge and skills to enable them to pursue their academic studies

successfully. Accordingly, English language instruction is delivered by up-to-date English Language methods and effective techniques. Learner-centered education has been adapted as an

effective method to education. With this respect, we spend great effort in meeting all the needs of our learners, considering their interests, preferences and backgrounds. Well-qualified English


Language instructors who have expertise in different areas of English Language Teaching deliver English language classes. Technology is widely utilized in all classes to enable students

to benefit from technological advances in their learning.


FES values students’ social development as well. Throughout the academic year, students can enjoy various social and cultural facilities; For example, cinemas, theatres, concerts, art exhibitions, recitals, and festivals, traditional spring Festival being one of the most popular of all these activities. What makes GAU a distinctive institution is the opportunities it provides to its students to promote their learning and enhance their learning experiences. For example, this academic year GAU FES students have been provided with an opportunity to pursue part of their Foundation studies at one of the GAU Campuses abroad, the United States. It is obvious that this project will surely provide an invaluable experience both to the Foundation School and its students.


Dear students, please always make sure that it is you, as an individual, who would immensely contribute to your learning. Please take the responsibility for your learning, attend the classes regularly and extend your English language learning beyond the classroom by making

use of the advanced technology and Internet. Last but not least, self-assess your learning to raise your awareness of your language level so that you can set goals to improve. Do not hesitate to ask for support from your teachers in adapting suitable language learning strategies to improve your learning. The English language, you have been acquiring at FES efficiently, will not only be a great asset for you to pursue your undergraduate academic studies but is also a means to access vast and fast changing information in life-long learning.


I wish the academic staff and students of FES a fruitful academic year and good luck with your academic endeavors.

Utku Hamamcıoğlu