Dean's Message

I hope you will take this opportunity to find out our very dynamic and international environment. The Girne American University obligated to perform all the duties in an efficient and diligent way. High quality education and research are based on definitions of efficacy, effectiveness, equity, science and technology. We are strongly aware that our students and their valuable families desire high quality education. It’s our commitment to generate academic excellence as well as real-world success which represents responsible professionals.


Pharmacist is an expert in the field of drugs and medicines, and is involved from the discovery and development of a medicine to its eventual supply and follow-up to the patient. The Faculty of Pharmacy offers a 5-Year MPharm Degree. In addition to teaching, research, and services, the university gives paramount importance to the moral, physical and cultural welfare of the students. GAU Health Center has been established to provide students with assistance and advice on health and wellbeing issues. The Pharmacy Students’ Association (GAUPSA) which is a member of EPSA (European Pharmacy Students’ Association) is also established to provide opportunities for Pharmacy students to become a part of the European pharmacy students’ community. The university has a beautiful campus in a friendly, safe, and warm environment on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and the five finger mountains of Northern Cyprus. The university also offers student clubs providing a range of extracurricular activities to give the students the best university life experience possible fulfilled with leisure and fun benefiting from the beauties of the historical Kyrenia city.


I would like to welcome all our students to efficient, valuable and enjoyable 5 years in Girne American University Faculty of Pharmacy. I also would like to take this oportunity to give detailed information on our pharmacy program.



The graduates of MPharm Degree program are eligible to go directly into a PhD program in Pharmacy and allied health sciences and most importantly to a specialization in clinical pharmacy and phytopharmacy. The School of Pharmacy is accredited by the Higher Education Planning, Evaluation, Accreditation and Coordination Council (YÖDAK) and the Turkish Higher Education Council (YÖK), is also based on the EU directives of the pharmacy occupation aiming to create the next generation of pharmacists who will be well equipped to produce and advance science and technology, as well as to contribute to the industrialization and modernization of the pharmaceutical and health sectors. The School of Pharmacy has been organized as an interdisciplinary school in Girne American University along with the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Health Sciences. A multidisciplinary system across all health related areas will produce highly capacitated pharmacists who can progress their career as a community pharmacist, clinical pharmacist, or a researcher and industrial pharmacist. In the recent years, the role of the pharmacist in healthcare is becoming more significant. Pharmacists nowadays are being expected to offer advice to doctors on prescribing issues and to the public on treatment for a wide range of minor complaints in addition to dispensing medicines in response to the doctor`s prescription. In hospitals, pharmacists play a major role in the healthcare team, providing advice and expertise on treatment regimes and problems across clinical practice. Pharmacists employed in industry bring their specific knowledge (biotechnological or synthetic) of pharmaceutics - how drug molecules are `formulated` into a medicine - to develop new ways of delivering drugs effectively and safely.


Pharmacy programme is supported by carefully designed curricula delivered by well-qualified, professional academic members. Our students benefit from both lecture and practical content that is enhanced by the research interests of the faculty members. The extensive research experiences of the academic members are shared with the students ensuring the currency of the programme, and have a positive impact particularly on the later years of the provision. We offer our students the opportunity to receive a first class education by providing an exciting learning experience in teaching in a variety of ways including lectures, practical laboratory classes, simulations, workshops for group discussions, problem-solving classes, and tutorials. The students have to complete fıve sets of compulsory pharmacy training modules during the five-year Pharmacy programme where at least six months of the training have to be completed in the community and/or hospital pharmacy. The first three pharmacy training modules are performed in the summer periods, while the fourth module is performed during the 9th Semester. In the final semester, the fıfth pharmacy training module is worth 12 credits and runs together with the graduation project which could be performed in a community pharmacy and/or a hospital pharmacy or according to the area of interested specialization it could also be completed in the patient care units in hospitals, in industry, in government health organization sectors or in research laboratories. The students are given the opportunity to choose from a wide range of elective courses including phytopharmacy, drug design and clinical pharmacy. A selection of undergraduate skill development courses will also be available to the students to improve their transferable skills such as presentation skills, public speaking, and leadership skills.


Prof.Dr.Nazmi Özer