Educational Administration and Supervision


Course Descriptions

ARM 500 Research Methodology ( 3-0)3


The course engages students in applying principles of research methodology and assists them in developing an effective and successful research proposal.  The topics to be covered are: action research, classroom observation, data collection methods, statistical methods, analysing and interpreting data using the SPSS computer package, writing the research proposal, research ethics, qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, and experimental approach.



MEDU511 – Educational Administration (3,0)3

Basic concepts of subject, the concept of educational management, the model of educational management, organizational efficiency, efficient school, organizational form of school, strength of the form, management process, sub-processes of management, the management of curriculum, the management of student sources, the management of employee sources, the management of common services, the management of economic sources.




MEDU550 – Organizational Theories (3,0)3

The course focuses on theoretical approaches to organizational management. The importance of organizational theory, educational leadership, organizational development and leadership as a change in educational setting with a special reference to reforming Turkish educational system. Definitions of the concept of  ‘’quality” and “total quality management”. Application of total quality management principles and procedures to educational process.


MEDU553 Statistics(3 0 3)

This course is designed to give students the necessary skills to analyze research projects. This course will be a thorough and reasonably comprehensive introduction to understanding, critically evaluating, conducting, and writing about analyses for  most studies in social science-related disciplines. The sessions will be held in a computer lab, where students will practice working with and analyzing an actual dataset using SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) software for Windows. By the end of the course, students should be able to distinguish between theories and hypotheses; analyze and interpret statistical results; present data in graphical form; and perform parametric and non parametric statistical analysis using SPSS.  


MEDU560 - Administrative and Organizational Behaviours (3,0)3 


Basic concepts about subject, science of organizational behaviour, the quality of organizational behaviour, the characteristics  of organizational behaviour, the form of organizational behaviour, management behaviour, the personality of employee, the strength of employee, cognitive and affective strength of employee, duty and employee, employee at work process, employee at duty.




MEDU562 - Current Approaches to Supervision in Education (3,0)3

This course mainly focuses on basic concepts and principles of educational organization, principles of instructional and clinical supervision with their implementations and current approaches to reflective supervision and management.




MEDU578 - Curriculum Development in Education     (3, 0)3

This course aims the students to understand the basic curriculum concepts, conceptual bases of curriculum development, design and model of curriculum, the process of curriculum development (planning, designing, measuring, evaluating and keeping sustained) and to understand duties and responsibilities of schools,inspectors, teachers and curriculum experts during curriculum development process.




MEDU588 -Supervision at Preschool and Primary Schools (3,0)3


This course focuses on the preschool and primary school systems, investigating the preschool and primary school supervision system, the role and responsibilities of supervisors, supervision process in preschool and primary school, problems in supervision system, and preschool and primary school and primary school supervision systems and their application in various countries.




THES - 590  Thesis  (3,0)3


Supervised independent research on a topic approved by the student’s advisor and the head of the department or the coordinator of the programme. It must be an original contribution to the field of Turkish language and literature education.




TSEM580 – Seminar (3,0)3


This course is essential preparation for your MA thesis through prescribed readings, written and/or oral presentation of the work developed. The course deals with theoretical and methodological issues that are central to research in the field of study