Visitation to National Archives and Research Department

Visitation to National Archives and Research Department

Archives are the memory of nations


Bayraktar underlined the importance of the archives; “Archives are the science bridges that connects the past and the future. They are the document resources that conduce to understand and know the new and the old generations. As the institutions which prepare the documents to be beneficial factors for the scientific environments, they are the memories of the nations in which the documents are protected and kept. They are the records of the past.”


There is no journalist without an archive


Bayraktar stated that the archives are the issues that every country of the world attaches great importance and referred that “Visitation of our students and their document researches have provided them to meet with the past”. Bayraktar who emphasized the significance of the archives in the Journalism, expressed that there is no journalist without an archive and development of the digital technology and Google did not reduce the importance of them but only the methods have changed as the files are now opened and documents are categorized on the computers.


TRNC National Archives and Research Department


By specifying that they have a big appreciation for the founder and the first director of the National Archives and Research Department, Mustafa Haşim Altan, who provides great services for the researches, Dr. Ummu Altan Bayraktar stated that the institution will remain as a research department for the future generations and one of the most important contribution that GAU can provide is to form a cooperation with these institutions and include the students in the cooperation.