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The Sport Management and Recreation Management Departments are part of the under graduate school of Girne American University. Our aim is to develop leaders with a scientific background to go on to work for contemporary sports associations and organizations. Sports activities and organizations are constantly continuing to grow and develop and form an important part of everybody’s lives. The sector is continually expanding, from health to recreation, from amateur to professional. While this provides young people with a wide variety of professional opportunities, there is also a great deal of competition and a need for well educated managers with a wide range of leadership skills. Our university provides its students with a water sports centre, outdoor and indoor sports facilities.

There are many great settings for outdoor sports, extreme sports, camping education and training in North Cyprus wide. Practical education in Girne provides the students with an opportunity to practice and develop their skills in a tourism based environment. Our aim is to use our highly experienced staff and wide range of facilities to prepare our students for their professional lives, and provide the sports and tourism sectors with highly qualified and enthusiastic professionals. Students can obtain a degree in Sports Administration and Recreation Management, or take sports and recreation related courses as an elective. Our applied studies within the Recreation Management Department include tourism and other such activities as camping, animation trekking, orienteering, scuba diving, underwater photography, horseback riding, golf, mountaineering, rock climbing and skiing... The Recreation Management department also provides a course in personal training. Personal Training is spreading in all countries that have realized the importance of health and fitness. The aim of this is that graduating students will have the special training needed for them to be able to start their own personal training businesses.

The aim of our Sports Management department is to prepare our students to be employed in the management of Tourism Facilities, and in the over increasing fields of Health Center Management and Planning, Sport Law and Sports Media. The program also covers Sport Club Administration and Management areas. Students graduating from our Sports Management department should be able to manage, plan for and organize sports associations and organizations, both in the public and private sectors, along with being equipped to follow their own areas of interest in sports and recreation areas. Our vision is to continually improve our level of education. We believe that working with other associations will help us to achieve this aim. We hope to pass on the positive results of our continually improving knowledge to the general public, along with conducting research together with other associations to add new views to the existing knowledge in our area. We feel that continuously widening our horizons with the support of science is our discriminating organizational culture.

Prof.Dr. Mustafa Ferit ACAR

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