Experienced Captains Who Spend Their Lives In The Sea, Talked About Their Marine Lives; “Marine Manners and Customs Symposium”

Experienced Captains Who Spend Their Lives In The Sea, Talked About Their Marine Lives; “Marine Manners and Customs Symposium”

 “Marine Manners and Customs Symposium”, which was organized for the second time by Girne American University (GAU) Marine Club, received a great participation in GAU Millennium Senate Congress Center.


Director of GAU Marine and Logistic Club Gazme Nur Yalcın who made the first speech of the symposium stated that the need of educated human resources is increasing day by day for the marine and transportation sector which is in the process of a great change and development and expressed that “By adding a club value to our works, we have entered into a study that leads this sector to be well understood and bring innovation to it.


Marine manners and customs


Captain Osman Eryasar who later on gave a speech, mentioned about the marine manners and customs and stated that “Life in the sea is the content of our speech. Firstly, from the day you step into a boat for the first time, they welcome you with terms.” By remarking the customs which is facing an extinction in the course of time, Eryasar expressed that “When any military boat was seen in our time, the flags were lowered to half-staff; this was a sign of respect. Nowadays, it can be seen that these customs are almost facing an extinction” and continued as follows;


 “In marine, what cannot get lost and will remain is that; In order to maintain their love with the sea, human race would never abandon the discipline and hierarchy. If there is no discipline in a boat, that’s means that there is also no hierarchy in there, accordingly, there would not be a team spirit in that boat.”


Difficulties of Marine


Captain Cevdet Bakır who underlined the difficulties of marine in his speech, indicated that “The hardest thing in marine is that you are away from your loved ones. Uniform we wear now is the reason of this. You can see similar uniforms all over the world, only symbols can be different, because we become a member of a new nation by choosing this profession.”


Requirement of the Uniform


GAU Marine and Transportation School Manager, Unlimited Captain Efdal Safel who gave the last speech of the symposium, expressed that “Marine manners and customs have a vital importance for us, the necessity of an uniform, your attire and attitude are very important” and stressed the followings;


“You need to treat equally to everyone, know the ethical values of your profession and use them when you are making a right decision. Ethical values will make you superior. Cultural awareness should also concern you and you need to show respect.”