Dean's Message

Message of Director of Marine School

Marine School was established in 2007 as Marine school, department of Logistics and Transportation. At  2010, Deck Department started to function also.

The vision of Marine school is; to became a pioneer of Maritime, Transportation and Logistics education for all around of world.

The mission of Marine School is; to create and disseminate knowledge through research and creative inquiry, to provide the highest standards of excellence in higher education and to serve our students by teaching them how to become global citizens who are culturally informed, technologically adept and ready to lead. In carrying out its mission. Marine School commits to improving Maritime, Transportation and Logistics sector.

As Marine School, we have completed a long term strategic planning process and have identified our strengths and directions for the coming five years. The following list shows our strengths:

- High and diverse quality of academic staff.
- English curriculum and teaching.
- International and multicultural education environment
- Having separate teaching building with modern and technological infrastructure, “Techno-park, Ship Bridge Simulator, Laboratories, Training centres, swimming pool.”
- Strong advisor ship service for students.
- Strong student-academic staff relationship and communication
- International operations of GAU all around the world.
- Having an international, global university campus.
- In addition to being accredited by Turkish Higher Education Council (YOK) in Turkey, International Maritime organization (IMO), Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure in Turkey.
- Increasing number of papers published/presented in national and international journals/conferences.
- Existing laboratories for all departments that are equipped with the most recent technological equipments and materials.
- TRNC is an attractive, safe and secure place to study.
- Location of the GAU Karmi Campus and Marine School in “Girne”.

Marine School aims to educate fully qualified in all aspects. In today’s competitive environment, the Mariners, Deck Officers and Logisticians who are the graduates of GAU Marine School, are aimed to be fully equipped with technological, language Maritime and Logistics skills. The Technopark Building, which is an important asset of Marine School, with its various laboratories, provides opportunity for the students to continue their education by transportation and logistics research.

To this end, I would like to encourage you to visit our campus, call or write for more information.

Oceangoing Master Dr. Bayram Ali TAVLAYAN

Director of Marine School


Tel: 00 90 392 650 2000 - 1280