GAU Archaeology Club attends events held at the Museums Week



GAU Archaeology Club attends events held at the Museums Week

Girne American University (GAU) Archaeology Club attended to the Museum Weeks event held by the Relics and Museums Department.

The members of the board and the members of the club attended the conferences of Museology, Conservation and Restoration that were held at Nicosia Bedesten on May 20, 2010 with the leadership of Instructor from GAU and Founder Chairman of Archaeology Club Yargı Edizer. Director of the Relics and Museums Department High Architect and Restoration Expert Emine Pilli gave information on Bedesten’s restoration and Turkish Cypriot Museology at the conference.

Chairman of the Republic of Turkey Cultural Assets and Museums General Directorate Department Archaeologist Zülküf Yılmaz presented information on museology in Turkey and gave detailed information on excavations made in Turkey fro past to today, on findings and how they inventoried and tan under protection by giving examples on many museums. Taking the floor after Yılmaz, Director of Ankara University Capital City Vocational College As. Prof. Dr. Hande Kökten presented information on Museum Collections in TRNC and Modern Protection Projects.

As. Prof. Dr. Kökten presented many slides on how the old relics that are in Kyrenia Castle were taken under control and how the storages were composed and how the relics were inventories. Stating that an Archaeology Museum was needed for Cyprus immediately, Kökten completed her statement by giving information on the projects that would take place in Cyprus. Projects, which will be prepared and planned mutually by GAU Archaeology Club and by the authorities of the Relics Department, were discussed after presentations.