“Smart Health Life Center”, which provides dispensary services at Girne American University (GAU); continues to implement an alternative diet program for those who are looking for solutions to excess weight problems in their bodies.


In six weeks, people with the motto ‘Create a new You!’ are referred to the nutritionist according to the findings obtained after a check-up from the doctor. If necessary, the nutritional specialist will advance the process with psychological support.


Dietician Ms.Gamze Öztürk, who gave information about the diet program applied, said, “Everyone should have a special diet program. Everybody can gain and lose weight from different reasons.We want to do this with a little more examination. Source; diseases or psychological. This should be considered. In the circuit we call Emotional hunger, psychological support is involved. In cooperation, we think of a beautiful sustainable healthy life. The word diet is a false perception. They`re afraid, they think they`ll be restrained from most foods. Once they think like this, people can`t do it and can`t concentrate on their schedule. As a result, they can not lose weight. They can`t, because they can`t focus. Therefore; there are no bans, no restrictions, and a nutritional program would be better by limiting quantities by simply ‘replacing.”




Ms.Öztürk stated that the most critical of the meals stages that will regulate the values ​​of metabolism is breakfast. “If the person wants to eat, you will consume by adjusting the amount. If he or she eats this, they`ll have to sacrifice other things. This is not a process, it is a healthy eating program that will last a lifetime. There is no such thing as ‘Let me do this and I`ll lose weight and then let it go again’. Actually, if we`re not hungry; If there is no feeling of hunger in our stomach, it’s better not to consume snacks. After skipping meals, our metabolism slows down. When it slows down, there will be a desire to eat more in the evening. This is a reason for us to gain weight. The most important meal is breakfast. In a day; in order to be more energetic, more dynamic and open to consciousness, breakfast is very important. TV has an effect. We`re in front of the television, we`re resting, and while watching television, we often eat something. We have to finish this at least by 21:00 pm. This also has an adaptation process. We, in this cooperation, ensure that this process works. We are with you in this process and after that. ”


In the mobility dimension; Dietician, Ms. Ozturk, emphasized that a sports program should be prepared together with sports consultants; She emphasized that healthy eating habits start from childhood and added that parents are inevitably a ‘role model in many ways as well as in nutrition style.