Eskişehir Landing by GAU

Eskişehir Landing by GAU

Girne American University, Faculty of Communication, Head of the Digital Marketing and Social Media Management Department  Asst. Prof. Dr. Feriha Dikmen gave a seminar, which was held with the participation of 1000 people, about "Effective Communication, Body Language and Motivation" in Eskişehir.


The opening speech and the presentation of the seminar, which was held in 3 different session and was held in Suleyman Cakir High School Conference Hall, Odunpazarı, Eskisehir and in Multipurpose Hall, Eskişehir Teacher`s Lodge with the organization of GAU Eskisehir Representative Cengiz Karacaoğlu, was made by Education Consultant of GAU Izmir Office Mehtap Koç. Eskişehir Public High School students, School Principals and Guidance Teachers attended to the seminar. At the education seminar about "Effective Communication, Body Language and Motivation", where the students and educators showed a great interest, Dikmen, while talking to the students about how they should combat the exam stress and about the methods of being motivated, passed the academic methods of how to approach the students before the exams to the lecturers.


Making a statement on the subject, Dikmen expressed that the students and teachers showed a great interest to the seminar and stated that the seminar proceeded in an interactive way and that the participants had a grasp of the subject and were interested in it. While giving full information about motivation, body language and effective communication subjects to the students and to lecturers, Dikmen also conveyed what can be done to be able to communicate effectively by examples and slide shows to the participants.


After the seminar, Education Consultant of GAU Izmir Office Mehtap Koç and Sevilay Özçelik form the Introduction Team of American University of Cyprus, informed the students about what they should be paying attention when doing a preference and choosing a career, while giving information about the university departments.