In the Sustainable Peace and Business Symposium, Representative of GAU, Işıksal, emphasized: “Both sides in Cyprus should be treated fairly and equally”

In the Sustainable Peace and Business Symposium, Representative of GAU, Işıksal, emphasized: “Both sides in Cyprus should be treated fairly and equally”

 ‘Sustainable Peace and Business Symposium’ which was organized by Girne American University (GAU) between 22-24 October in Radisson Blu Sisli Hotel, Istanbul, has ended successfully. The symposium was hosted by GAU and held with the partnership of International Mediators and Sustainability Management Professionals, Global Mediation Network, International Mediation Institute and Sustainability Management Association and GAU was represented by Department of International Relations Lecturer Assoc. Prof. Dr. Huseyin Isıksal.


How did the Cyprus problem emerge?


In his presentation which is titled as “Never Ending Story: Sustainable Peace in Cyprus”, Işıksal stated that he is carrying out an analysis about how the Cyprus problem emerged, its important turns, six negotiation titles that are now being discussed in the negotiation table and the reasons why the ideas and mediator methods which had been put towards for the resolution of the Cyprus problem was failed.


Unfair Embargos


Işıksal, who underlined the unfair embargos that are being laid on Turkish Cypriots, referred that in order to have a real and sustainable peace in Cyprus, importance of the current ceasefire needs to be understood, world public opinion needs to approach both sides of the Cyprus more equally and fairly, the difference between the parties needs to be respected and from now on, it is needed to go out of the box which has been followed until today. Işıksal finished his presentation with the warning that a peace, which will be externally imposed without the preferences of the people of Cyprus, can also break every other peace and expressed that his presentation attracted great attention and his interview being broadcasted on a bulletin in one of the most reputable channels of Turkey, NTV, is very important for GAU and the publicity of Cyprus.


Honored guests of the symposium


Grandchild of Alvimedica Alarko Holding Members of Board, Leyla Alaton and Mahatma Gandhi, world-renowned peace activist Arun Gandhi attended the conference as an honored guest, in addition, many other globally known activists  such as International Mediation Institute Director Irina Vanenkova, International Mediation and Problem Resolution Director and University of Copenhagen Faculty of Law Lecturer Prof. Dr. Vibeke Vindelov and Scrikss President of the Board Izel Rozental also participated in the conference and Uğur Terzioglu was the honorary president of the symposium.


Thanks to those who contributed


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Huseyin Isıksal, who indicated that the organization was very successful and the famous guest who attented to the symposium were completely satisfied, thanked to Girne American University Founding Rector and Chancellor of Board of Administrators Serhat Akpınar, GAU Education Manager Dr. Deniz Kite Guner and everyone who contributed and stated that the symposium paved the way for the projects which can be more productive, active and provide the international awareness on behalf of the sustainable peace.