Faculty of Business Students Handbook

1. What a student needs to do?
1.1- Transactions at the beginning of semester
1.2- Transactions during the semester
2. Other academic transactions
2.1 Transfer Students
2.2 Make-up exams
2.3 Graduation Make-up exams
3. GAU Undergraduate Regulations
3.1. The requirements of pass to next class
3.2. Academic warning
3.3. Letter Notes
4.1 Elearning
5. Other Important Information
1. What do students need to do?
1.1. Transactions that need to be done at the beginning of the semester
New Student
a) Before the course registration, visit the Accounting Office (Rectorate Building) and make your
school registration. After the registration, you should get your username and password for login to
your student portal (http://student.gau.edu.tr). Then log in to the system, check your assigned
supervisor and visit your supervisor for your course registration. At the beginning of each academic
year, the new academic calendar is announced on the school website.
b) In accordance with the rules of the University and in order for the education to start on time, it is
important for the students to get registration approval from their academic advisors at the registration
dates, which are announced on the academic calendar. The student has to make his / her own
transactions physically, and one student cannot register another student even with the power of
attorney. Students are expected to adhere to their registration date so that the school year starts
without any interruption. This applies to all new and old students.
c) These transactions will not be made after the final course additions and submission dates stated in the
academic calendar.
Current Students
a) Pay attention to the course registration times specified in the academic calendar announced on the
school website. Enter your student portal and select your new semester courses. Then visit your
advisor specified in your system for confirmation.
b) The student who wants to take more than the course load specified in the department the average
grade should be at least 2.50 out of 4.00. Graduation students with a GPA of over 2.00 can take two
additional courses in addition to the course loads specified in the last semester and can take the fees
according to the decision of the accounting office. Students who want to take an additional course
are required to pay additional tuition fees, including scholarship students, as the additional courses
are outside the curriculum load.
c) These transactions cannot be done after the final course additions and submission dates stated in the
academic calendar.
You can find the registration steps on the table below. Students who register for the first time
follow the steps above and complete their records. Next semester, they should follow step 3,
step 4 and step 5 respectively.
Course Registration Steps
Document Submission
Course Registrations starts
on the 17th September
2018 till 28th September
2018. English Level
Exams are required for
English departments and
will be held on weekdays
between these dates.
Course selections can be
made after submitting
original documents to
GAU Student Admission
Office. Student ID Cards
can be received after
completing student Visa.
English Proficiency
Students who are in a
department that requires
english language, will
participate in the English
Proficiency Exam. If they
pass the exam, they will go
to their faculty for course
selection. If they fail the
exam, they participate in
English Level Exam. After
English Level Exam, they
will go to English
foundation School Advisor
and choose their English
Level courses. Note: This
step does not involve
students who already pass
English Proficiency Exam
or study in any Turkish
New Students can select
their courses without going
to the Student Accounting
Office. Old students can
get information about their
payment fees from
student.gau.edu.tr and
make payment to Ziraat
Bank with their student
numbers. They can select
their courses the next day.
Old and New student who
have installment
(instalment per semester)
must go to student
accounting office
untill 19 November 2018
and sign installment
aggrement. Otherwise they
can not participate in
midterm exams. Students
who pay in cash will not
sign any Installment
Ders Seçimi
Course Selection
Students can select their
courses via
student.gau.edu.tr . In this
page, firstly you should
click "login" button. After
that you should enter your
student number at "student
ID" part.Also, you should
enter your password at
"password" part.If you
don't know your password,
you can get it from student
admission office.Secondly,
you can select your
cources from the
"registration" part. Select
courses you want to enroll
from 'Open Courses' list
and click 'Add to Selected
Courses' button right
below that list. Click 'Save
Selection' button
afterwards.You will not
see selected courses on
your transcripts unless you
go to your Advisor for
final approval. Note:
Username and Password
are student number for
new students. They can
change their password
after first login.
Advisor’s Approval
Students can learn
their Advisors via
and go to their
Advisors for final
approval. After this
approval, courses
appear on their
transcripts. Students
who have no Advisor
Approval, are not
considered as
1.2 Transactions during the Semester
a) Pick your exam entry cards from the stands at the faculty building/faculty secretary or accounting
office before the exam week. Make sure that the courses on your exam entry card are correct.
Students who do not have an exam entry card will not be admitted to the exams for whatever reason.
b) Check the faculty boards for announcements regularly. Your exam program details will be available
on the faculty boards before the exam week. In case of doubt, consult with your advisor. Please
check the date of the exam before the exam date.
c) Try to be at your exam place 15 minutes in advance. Do not leave the class without signing the
attendance sheet.
d) You can see your midterm and final grades from the student portal as of the date specified by the
Office of the Rector.
e) The midterm (midterm) and final exam dates are announced by the Rectorate Office on the academic
2.1. Transfer Students
a) Horizontal transitions are divided into two types, either internally or externally. YÖK rules and
procedures are applied together with the GAU Senate decisions for these transfers.
b) Students who register with transfer/or moving from associate degree to university degree (i.e 2 year
programme to 4 year programme): after taking the transfer forms from admissions office you will
first visit the head of the relevant department. The head of department will prepare a course transfer
form showing the courses to be transferred by comparing the courses and credits of the courses in
your previous transcript. The grades of the transferred courses are converted into GAU grade system
and reflected in your transcripts.
c) Assessment of course transfers for students coming from outside or inside the institution; course
syllabus and credits are transferred from the courses with the appropriate grades D and above.
d) After the transfer of the transfer courses to the system, the course registrations of the new students
coming with the horizontal transfer or DGS are completed by looking at the department syllabus
within the framework of their total credits.
e) Internships in associate degree programs are not transferred.
2.3 Make-up exam
a) Students of the Faculty of Business and Economics at Girne American University have the right
to take the Make-up Exams for the "F " grades they have taken in the Fall and Spring Semester of
the 2018-2019 Academic Year. Students who have not gained the right to take the final exam will
not be able to take the make-up exam.
b) If the grade is No Grade “ NG ”or / and Withdrawn the “W” will not have right to enter the
make-up exam.
c) For the students with the Incomplete "I ", the compensation exam will not be opened but they
will be able to take the make-up exam.
d) Make-up exams will not be applied in the courses which are evaluated by applied, project-based,
workshop and studio studies and without written final.
e) The grade received in the make-up exam will replace the final exam grade, not the general grade
of the course.
f) Students who do not participate in the make-up exams with any justification will not be given the
right to take additional examinations and will be considered unsuccessful.
g) According to the make-up exam results, will be shown on the transcript if the exam is successful.
h) Make-up Exams will be applied at the end of each semester as of the 2018-2019 Academic Year,
but the Exams for the courses taken at the Summer School will not be applied.
i) Make-up applications and exams are paid for a fee within the date range specified in the
academic calendar.
2.4. Graduation Make-up Exam
a) Students who have completed the CGPA (Grade Point Average) (CGPA) under 2.00 and / or have
taken all the courses required for graduation, but have not completed a maximum of three courses
may apply for the graduation make-up exam. Applications are made to faculty secretary directly
under the following conditions.
b) In order to be able to take the graduation make-up exam, it is absolutely necessary to attend classes
or courses in previous periods, all exams are taken and the success grade must be appreciated by
letter. (F, D, U, etc.) (The courses evaluated with NG and “W "are excluded from the scope of the
additional examination right.)
c) The courses applied by the student must be able to raise the CGPA to at least 2.00 after the
graduation make-up exam.
d) Students who fail to complete the graduation make-up exam and fail to complete a single course, or
if they are able to hold the make-up exam will have the right to make a compensation. The student
who has a very low average score or who have failed more than one course must take enough courses
to graduate in the following semester.
e) Applications to the graduation make-up exam are paid and the amounts to be paid per course are
determined by the Rectorate.
Note: Project courses are excluded from this scope, Graduation Compensation cannot be given to such
3.1. The requirements of pass to next class
a) Students have the right to pass to year to when completed 30 credits
b) Students have the right to pass to year to when completed 60 credits
c) Students have the right to pass to year to when completed 90 credits
d) Students have the right to pass to year to when completed 120 credits
3.2. Academic Warning
Students are required to achieve a certain CGPA as they complete the following credits in order to
not to be in “academic warning”
a) 30 credits: CGPA needs to be above 1.00
b) 45 credits: CGPA needs to be above 1.30
c) 60 credits: CGPA needs to be above 1.50
d) 75 credits: CGPA needs to be above 1.70
e) 90 credits: CGPA needs to be above 1.80
f) 105 credits: CGPA needs to be above 1.90
Students who receive academic warning; taking into account the preference of the student and the
recommendations of his / her advisor, one of the following procedures is applied:
 To continue the program in which they are registered. In the periods following the academic
warning, it is important for the students who make this choice to repeat the lessons they have
previously failed in the course registrations. These students can register for up to 2 new courses,
provided that they do not exceed the normal course load.
 Students who use the option to continue the program in which they are enrolled but remain below
the prescribed limits cannot register for a new course. The student is obliged to register for the
courses he / she takes firstly F, NG, C-, D +, D.
3.3. Letter Notes
Students are required to take the following notes within a week following the announcement of the grades;
they may appeal in writing or by GAU website.
The term letter grade for the courses taken by the student is appreciated by the instructor in the following
Grade Score Range Katsayı
A 90 – 100 4,00
A- 85 - 89 3,70
B+ 80 - 84 3,30
B 75 – 79 3,00
B- 70 – 74 2,70
C+ 65 – 69 2,30
C 60 – 64 2,00
C- 55 - 59 1,70
D+ 50 – 54 1,30
D 45 – 49 1,00
F 0 – 44 0,00
NG Null Grade 0,00
S Satisfactor ---
U Unsatisfactory ---
I Incomplete ---
W Withdraw ---
Ex Exempt ---
T Transfer ---
A student taking A, A-, B +, B, B-, C +, C, or S grades from a course is considered successful. C-, D +, D,
D-grades from any course of the student, he is considered conditional to the course. A student who gets one
of the F, NG or U grades from any course is considered unsuccessful in that course and is obliged to take it
again in the first semester.
(a) “I” Incomplete:
" I " grade is given to the student who does not fulfill a part of the project, studio, laboratory,
workshop and similar obligations which have sufficient continuation but which do not take the final
exam and/or have a role in the calculation of the semester grade for a valid reason. The student is
given this note by completing the Incomplete form with the approval of the instructor concerned and
the decision of the Faculty Board. The student has to pay the fee determined by the University
Executive Board. (The “I“ grade must be completed before the end of the add/drop period of the
semester following the semester, otherwise, the " I “grade becomes an" F“ automatically.) the time
and conditions of the grade are discussed and resolved by the faculty board.
The grade "I ”is not taken into account in the semester GPA and CGPA calculations until it is
converted to another grade. In order to be given an "I " grade, the student must submit his excuses to
the secretary of the faculty for which the relevant course is given by filling out the required form
within 3 working days after the end of the final exam.
(b) “W” Withdraw:
The student, for any reason, starting from the first lesson day between 3 and 11 weeks, indicates that he
withdraw from the course. "W" is displayed on the student's report card and grade chart. The student who
has previously withdrawn from the course has no right to withdraw from the same course. Students can
withdraw a maximum of two courses in a semester. Students who are on academic notice cannot withdraw
from the course.
(c) “S” Satisfactory ve “U” Unsatisfactory :
The student who successfully completes the courses or internships that do not provide credits is given "S
" grade and " U " grade is given to the unsuccessful student.
(d) “NG” Null Grade :
" NG" grade is the semester grade taken by the student who does not attend more than 75% of the
attendance obligations during the semester. The student who gets "NG" grade in his / her transcript is not
allowed to take the final exam, make-up exam and graduation make-up exam.
(e) “Ex” Exempt:
Students who pass a horizontal transfer from universities other than Girne American University are
given the courses they have taken before and accepted as equivalents and accepted for their course
(f) “T” Transfer :
The students who have previously passed from other higher education institutions are given "T"
grades from the courses they have taken before, and those whose equivalence is accepted in
accordance with the provisions of the relevant regulations.
The must courses offered by YÖK in all undergraduate programs are as follows:
NH001-National History I
NH002- National History II
TURK001- Turkish I *TFL101- For foreign students
TURK002- Turkish II *TFL102- For foreign students
The aforementioned courses are specified in the academic syllabus. If these courses are unsuccessful
and " U " (Unsatisfactory) grade is taken, the student is obliged to repeat these courses. As the
student repeats these courses outside the academic syllabus, he/she is obliged to pay the amount of
one-tenth (1/10) of the annual education fee in the period he/she repeats.
History, Turkish and Computer courses will be seen as online lessons. The examinations will
normally be held as other courses. However, the learning of these courses will be carried out by the
student on the system. Related documents can be obtained by logging into the system
http://elearning.gau.edu.tr/. To log in:
To access the E-Learning system, you have e-mail accounts created by student affairs.
Please follow the process below.
1. Please check your email address from the link http://gauapply.com/edetails/index
2. Type your stundent number to see your email address
3. The e-mail address you see on the page is your e-mail address and your student number is your
4. Login to your Student Email address using .https://accounts.google.com/AddSession?hl=en
5. Open the E-learning system (http://elearning.gau.edu.tr)
6. Press the “Login" button in the upper right corner.
7. Click on the LOG IN WITH GOOGLE a button on the right side of the page that opens to the right
of the new page.
NOTE: If you receive an error message when trying to log in, please click on the link below and
enter your student email address and password.
8. Select the courses you have to take such as COMP103, COMP104, NH001/NH002 or
5. Other Important Information
5.1 Immigration Office Procedure
All foreign students are required to register with the immigration office of TRNC. Please visit
http://www.gau.edu.tr/servisler/muhaceret_formu page, fill the form and submit it to student
admissions office. (Please check with the admissions office for required documents as they might
change as per the rules of the country).
5.2 Girne American University Health Center
Our services include first aid, simple dosage medicine, checking blood pressure, body temperature
and glucose level. In addition to this, injections, removing or adding stitching are part of the services
provided. In case of an emergency our patients are referred to Dr. Akçiçek Hospital and are
accompanied by our nurse. You can see our health services building on the campus map.
5.3 Girne American University Counseling and Guidance Center
Girne American University Psychological Counseling and Guidance Center (GAU-PDRM) was
introduced to students in Fall 2002. The aim of GAU-PDRM is to help students develop mental,
emotional and social aspects as well as academic problems. In the center where specialist
psychologists serve; services such as communication, adaptation, identity problems, family conflicts,
academic failures are provided. The services at our center are for the students of our university and
there is no charge. The Center works entirely with the principle of confidentiality, and student
information is not given to a third party without the consent of the student.
5.4 Girne American University Library
You can reach the resources you want to study by going to the Girne American University Library.
You can also visit http://library.gau.edu.tr/ . You can see our library building on the campus map.
5.5 Girne American University Shuttle Service
You can find information about the GAU Shuttle services by clicking on the link.
5.6 Important phone numbers
FIRE: 199 / Forest Fire: 177
Electrical Breakdown: 188
KIBHAS ERCAN OFICE- 0533 870 78 48 (Transport services from the airport)
KIBHAS GİRNE OFICE - 0533 870 78 46 (Transport services from Girne to airport)