Lecture-Based Student Satisfaction Survey for Faculty of Business

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BUS101 Introduction to Business Management
BUS108 Principles of Management
BUS203 Financial Accounting I
BUS204 Financial Accounting ll
BUS205 Statistics I
BUS206 Statistics II
BUS207 Introduction to Law
BUS208 Business Law
BUS211/ECON101 Microeconomics
BUS212/ECON102 Macroeconomics
BUS301 Organizational Behavior
BUS302 E-Commerce
BUS303 Human Resource Management
BUS304 Operations Management
BUS305 Quantitative Methods & Forecasting
BUS306 Management Information Systems
BUS307 Business Finance I
BUS308 Business Finance II
BUS310 Organizational Theory
BUS315 Principles of Marketing
BUS318 Business to Business Marketing
BUS401 International Business
BUS403 Globalization & Economic Integration
BUS404 Strategic Management
BUS406 Insurance & Risk Management
BUS407 Innovation & Entrepreneurship
BUS410 Auditing
BUS411 Cost Accounting
BUS412 Financial Statement Analysis
BUS414 Taxation
BUS417 Advanced Accounting
BUS423 International Finance
BUS424 Commercial Bank Management
BUS418 Small Business Seminar
BUS425 Portfolio Theory and Management
BUS426 Financial Institutions and Markets
BUS427 International Banking
BUS429 Comparative Accounting Standards
BUS430 Supply Chain Management
BUS444 Cross Cultural Studies in Organizations
BUS445 Workshop in Export and Import
BUS447 Comparative Banking Regulations
BUS450 Consumer Behaviour
BUS451 Sales Management
BUS452 Advertising and Promotion Management
BUS454 Logistics Management
BUS456 International Marketing
BUS457 Marketing Strategy
BUS458 Integrated Marketing Communications
BUS459 Marketing Seminar
CIS102 Algorithms & Progr. Techniques
CIS205 Statistical Data Analysis
CIS207 Fundamentals of Programming Language
CIS209 Database Systems
CIS212 Visual Programming
CIS214 System Analysis and Design
CIS218 Networking & Telecommunications
CIS301 Web Applications Development
CIS307 Object Oriented Programming
CIS309 Structured Programming Languages
CIS313 Information Systems Security
CIS316 Advanced Database Management System
CIS318 Multimedia Development
CIS320 Computer Services Management
CIS402 IT Project Management
CIS403 Operating Systems
CIS404 Computer Graphics
CIS408 Wireless Networking
CIS410 Artificial Intelligence
CIS415 Software Engineering Principles
CIS416 Professional and Legal issues in Computing
CIS417 Graduation Project
COMP103 Computer Application I
COMP104 Computer Application II
CS201 Communication Skills I
CS202 Communication Skills II
ECON203 Intermediate Microeconomics
ECON204 Intermediate Macroeconomics
ECON301 International Economics I
ECON302 International Economics ll
ECON304 Mathematical Economics
ECON305 Money & Banking
ECON306 Business Cycles & Forecasting
ECON307 Financial Economics
ECON317 Political Economy
ECON318 Labor Economics
ECON401 Economic Thought
ECON402 Global Economics
ECON404 Public Finance
ECON405 Research Methods (Economics)
ECON406 Economic Development
ECON410 Econometrics
ECON415 Environmental Economics
EGL101 Development of Reading Skills
EGL102 Development of Writing Skills
MAT101 Business Mathematics I
MAT102 Business Mathematics II
PSYC100 Psychology
SOCY100 Sociology
ECON500 Economics for Business
ECON501 Microeconomic Analysis
ECON502 Microeconomics
ECON503 Economic Thought
ECON504 International Economics
ECON510 Econometrics
ECON515 Globalization and Economic Issues
FIBA500 Financial Management
FIBA581 Investments
ISMA500 Management Information Systems
ISMA503 Data Communication Systems & Networking
ISMA521 Information Analysis and System Design
MARK500 Marketing Management
MGMT500 Research Methods
MGMT502 Strategic Management
MGMT503 Organizational Theory
MGMT505 Consumer Behaviour
MGMT507 Marketing Communications
MGMT508 Human Resource Management
MGMT509 Operations Management
MGMT510 Quantitative Data Analysis
MGMT512 Legal Environment of Business
MGMT525 Qualitative Data Analysis
MGMT542 International Business Management
MGMT552 International Marketing
MGMT556 Managerial Accounting
FIBA604 Global Financial Management
ISMA601 Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence
ISMA603 Distributed Computing
ISMA606 Advanced Topics in Cyber Security and Blockchain
ISMA630 MIS Seminar
MARK601 Advanced Marketing
MARK602 Theory of Consumer Behaviour
MGMT604 Advanced Research Methods
MGMT606 Organizational Behaviour
MGMT607 Advanced Human Resource Management
MGMT608 Strategic Management & Business Analysis
MGMT610 Advanced Quantitative Approaches to Management