The faculty of engineering and architecture was established in 1992, and in 2009 it was divided into two faculties as the faculty of engineering and the faculty of architecture. Engineering faculty has been providing education since 2009-2010 academic year.


As the engineering faculty, our aim is to train well-equipped, quality engineers. In today's world where technology is constantly developing, Girne American University Engineering faculty students take their places in business life as graduates equipped with foreign language and engineering skills, intertwined with technology.


As an engineering faculty, our vision is to provide our students with a full-fledged education based on research and development at a national and international level. Our mission is to create graduates who inquire and aim to reach knowledge by questioning, as well as to teach our students to be technologically equipped and knowledgeable engineers by targeting high standards in engineering education.


In line with the principles we aim for, our Engineering faculty programs have developed continuously and have adopted the principle of serving the society with their research-oriented incentives.

Assoc. prof. Dr. İBRAHİM ERSAN

Dean of the Faculty of Engineering
ibrahimersan@gau.edu .tr
90 392 650 2000 (1333)