Educational Course for Children with Special Needs by GAUSEM

Educational Course for Children with Special Needs by GAUSEM

Life Long Education Center (GAUSEM) of Girne American University is organizing an applied Interactive based Early Childhood Response (ETEÇOM) and Gilliam Autistic Disorder Graduation Scale (GÖBDO) courses.

Certificate programs “ETEÇOM” and “GÖBDO” which are prepared by academic experts aim to provide course participants with the ability and knowledge to differentiate between those children who develop differently with correct and sound education.

GAUSEM further announced the certificate programs that ETEÇOM, which is originally known as Responsive Teaching Program (RT), is a program with a Relationship-Based Approach.

The statement underlined that the program is easy to follow and apply and that the ETEÇOM program is an early response program efficient in both domestic and institutional areas.

For further information on the ETEÇOM applied certificate program which will be held on Saturday 19th April 2014, can be obtained through web address or by telephoning 0392 650 2000 extension1619 and also by e-mailing