The European Council for Business Education (ECBE)

The European Council for Business Education (ECBE) was formally founded in Paris, in July of 1995 with a mission  to encourage and support continuous improvement in the quality of Business Education which is directed towards all learners in the global market place: academic institutions, faculties and departments, employers and employees.

ECBE is an affiliate of the European Association of Quality Assurance for Higher Education (ENQA), which recognises ECBE as a bona fide quality assurance agency and a network of higher education institutions and agencies.
Through its accreditation programmes ECBE ensures that accredited members meet the requirements of the EHEA as recommended by the European Commission following the Bologna Declaration. Beyond these requirements, emphasis is placed on the needs of students in the learning process. Outputs in terms of both knowledge and skills are evaluated and awarded credits at various learning levels, conforming to the European Quality Framework (EQF) guidelines.
By providing services for education worldwide, ECBE aims to improve the quality of Business Education.