GAU, Faculty of Communication Dean Tunca Evaluated The Increase In Number Of Students: New Favorite Of The Communication Is Social Media

GAU, Faculty of Communication Dean Tunca Evaluated The Increase In Number Of Students: New Favorite Of The Communication Is Social Media

Girne American University (GAU) Faculty of Communication Dean Assoc. Prof. Dr. Elif Asude Tunca stated that because of the massive increase in number of students, they are experiencing a great intensity and referred that “Responsibility of our students who set their hearts to communication is the most exciting point for us, this excitement and responsibility are important factors that motivate and provide us to improve ourselves.”


 “We provide education in two languages”


Tunca who expressed that they have started the new academic year with a great excitement, all lecturers in the faculty are very excited and each year, this excitement remains same, continued as follows;


 “As GAU Faculty of Communication, we have 4 programs including 2 associate degrees, 4 undergraduates, 2 post graduates and 1 doctorate. In each program, we give education in two languages which are English and Turkish. Our associate degree programs include Social Media and Public Relations and Publicity and our undergraduate programs are; Digital Marketing and Social Media Management, Public Relations, Press, Radio TV and Cinema.”


Doctoral program on media management


Tunca specified that their post graduate programs are based upon Public Relations and Press and Doctorate Program includes Media Management. Tunca who explained that there are 9 programs that are being carried out, continues;


 “If we consider in terms of languages, this number otomatically increases to 18. Expect Digital Marketing and Social Media, each program is approved by YOK and YODAK. This is very important for post graduate programs as it directly affects worldwide validity of their diplomas. At the moment, we are performing works to get international accreditation.”

Media became a part of the social domain


Elif Asude Tunca also mentioned about today’s media tools; “Nowadays, stability of the media which we call conventional or classic is a matter of arguments. When considering the changing technology and the media which became a part of the social domain and associate with social media, the importance of the social media in news access becomes very obvious” and emphasized that as GAU Faculty of Communication, they follow the era very closely.


Social Media Management


Tunca gave information about the structuring that they have created over the Digital Marketing and Social Media Management and by stating that they provide a theoretical background for the students through online journalism and communications, she continues;


 “Nowadays, marketing grows in the electronic media, in this sense; it is a program that aims to bring necessities to students. Our students gain a formation which is generally directed to the ways of social media and the organization and structuring in social media. In terms of social media, there is also a technological side; it is needed to string along with this technology. We can criticize ourselves easily at this point, we were not born with this technology, and we are learning it as we learn a foreign language. In this respect, new generation has a great advantage.”


30-day internship periods


Tunca who finished her speech by mentioning about the training periods and by referring “Training periods are very important for students, though of course it is not possible for them to learn everything within 30 days. However, the more they take advantage of this, the more they can use these 30 days”, recorded:


 “Students need to make differences in order to provide awareness. We are not the only university that produces graduates from faculties of communication. We have 5 Faculties of Communication in the island. With our education cadre, we create opportunities for our students to come into prominence among these faculties; this is already something which we need to perform fondly and is our responsibility. However, our children also need to be conscious of this.”