Student Residency Permits



Student Residency Permits

Dear students ;

We would like to share with you the latest information regarding the Student Residency Permit process.  It is important that those students, whose Student Residency Permit expired on 30th September 2020 and are currently on the island, first complete their course registration process. It is compulsory that all students complete their application for Student Residency Permit within 60 days.

According to the information provided by the TRNC Ministry of Interior, Immigration Office, students must be on the island in order to be able to complete the 2020-2021 immigration procedures.

Students who are outside of TRNC and will study their Fall 2020-2021 academic semester online, will be able to complete their immigration procedures for 6 months upon their arrival to study for the first face-to-face (Spring 2020-2021) scheduled on ground education semester.  

 Students who departed the Island prior to completion of their Student Residency Permit process in the 2019-2020 academic semester, will not pay a penalty when re-entering the island in the first term, which will be held face to face. However, students must complete this within the time frame given upon entry. 


Students that began their Student Residency Permit in February 2020, will be able to re-enter for 6 months.  Students medical reports are valid for 1 year  therefore can be used during the application process.  Students will be eligible to apply for their permit for another 6 months.

The new Student Residency Permit will be sent as a QR code document to students via e-mail or telephone.