Important Announcement for GAU Summer 2016 Semester Registration


  • As per decision taken by the University Board of Directors’, students on academic probation can take 2 new courses and repeat 1 course.(maximum 9 credits)


  • Registered students may take a maximum of three new courses (maximum 9 credits) providing that their CGPA is 2.00 and above.



  • Students who have 4 courses left to graduate can take these courses (total credit hours not to exceed 12) with the approval of the faculty and department to the fact that they have a feasible CGPA for graduation at the end of the summer term.


  • Students, who successfully complete Foundation English Program, can take maximum number of 3 new courses from the first year of their department studies, providing that no clashes occur in the schedule.



  • Graduating students, wishing to increase their CGPA can repeat the maximum number of 3 courses. Their latest grades will be shown on their transcripts.


  • The registration period of Summer 2016 Semester is between 15th June 2016 and 17th June 2016. As of 20th June 2016, students will be charged late registration fee of 25 Euro per working day.  Students will not be allowed to register after 8th July 2016.



  • Courses of Summer 2016 Semester will start from 20th June 2016. According to our rules and regulations, attendance is required. Late application medical reports will not be accepted for summer school.


  • No “Add/Drop” will be allowed during the Summer Semester.



  • Students registering for Summer 2016 Semester are required to close their debts from the previous semesters. 2 installments will be provided for our summer school.


  • Payments for Summer Semester will be made per course. No additional activity fee will be charged.


  • English Foundation Summer School fees will be discounted at 750 €.


  • Students that register for a maximum of 6 credits (2 courses) will receive % 20 discounts for each credit taken. Students that have scholarship can use %40 of their scholarship.



  • The registration rules of the students on the Work Team list will be defined according to the demand of the unit. These students should visit Student Accounts Department in order to submit their applications in the nearest future.



We wish best of luck and success to our students.


Director of Admissions & Registrar



23th May 2016