Tarih: 23/04/2018

As the High Education Institutions Exam (YKS), which will take place at 30 June and 1 July 2018 according to the new statement by the Institution of Higher Education of the Republic of Turkey, approaches, GAU continues meeting university candidates all across Turkey.

In high school visits across Denizli, GAU Izmir Office Promotion Officer Elif Badakal Esenoğlu and Denizli District Officer Yakup Küçük have continued their visits with Denizli High School and Denizli Nevzat Karalp Anatolian High School.

In the meetings which gained great interest by students, while students being informed about the university, exam system and the departments, they also asked their questions.

Badakal who made a statement about the topic, while stating that the candidate students are interested in GAU the most because of its foreign campuses and diplomas recognized all across the world, he said that he observed the candidate students from Denizli were interested in architecture, engineering, pilotage, psychology, law and the management departments the most.

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