Tarih: 16/04/2018


In the University Preferences Expo which was organised in Kayseri, Girne American University met with students and shared GAU’s global education opportunities.


Girne American University officials who were informed the students about their preferences at the stands in University Preferences Expo which was organised in Kadir Has Convention Centre were pleased with the attention they got. Sezer Karabulut, one of the officials of GAU, stated that even though the Examination System has changed, the students are well aware and conscious, students from Kayseri and their Councillors showed great interest to the expo. Karabulut said “We have seen that, with the guidance of councillors, students are more conscious even though the exam system has changed this year. One of the other things that is special to Kayseri is the parents are really value their children’s education.”


“Students keep their scholarships for 7 years.”

Karabulut underlined that Girne American University is the first University established in Cyprus in 1985 and said that one of the benefits of the University is the students never lose their earned scholarship for 7 years no matter what. Karabulut said “Girne American University is the first University established in Cyprus in 1985. In the body of the University there are 10 various Faculties and in these faculties,  there is Law, Maritime, Architecture, Pilotage, Education, Management, Humanities, Political Sciences, Health Sciences, Pharmacy, and Communication Faculties. The departments that are most likely to be chosen by our students are Pilotage, Law, Maritime, Psychology, Health, and Architecture Departments. In addition, Girne American University has 7 campuses in 3 continents such as, Cyprus, Turkey, USA, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, and Moldova. Our students can benefit from these Campuses without any extra fees. Even if their GPA lowers down or if they cannot participate into their courses from certain excuses, they would not lose their scholarship.”