Tarih: 20/02/2017

The studies for the book “Neoliberalizm ve Mimarlık Mesleğinin Sonu” which is prepared with the editorial responsibility of Assoc. Dr. Hossein Sadri, Instructor of GAU.


Assoc Dr. Hossein Sadri stated that the process of the book writing has started with a invitation in 2016 summer period and since then, the book was welcomed with interest by international architectural connections. About the book which Sadri believes that architectural and space practises gonna create “domino effect” with an entire examination in terms of the theory, “Within a certain historical process of the world, correspondingly its socio-economic structure, we told about the transformation of architecture profession and education in 21st century. We stated that the architectural profession established in 19th century comes to an end and with that, we also examined developing new space production practises,” he said.


GAÜ Vice Rector Assoc. Dr. Hossein Sadri who is editor of the book, by stating that the assertive title of the book is associated with the power of its content; “With renowned universities, international organizations and academically well-known authors, we will present a new perspective on today`s developments in the field of architecture. And I believe that with this book - which will be published in the summer of 2017 and consists of 400 pages and 24 chapters, - on one hand, we will be transferring of creation of architectural profession and later its collapse, on the other hand, we will be questioning spatial transformation and image production for financial purposes which is correspondingly developing and became an investment model in world cities. Of course this book will also be presenting some examples about architecture as an activism of space which is still developing nowadays and consist of opposite movements.




Over 30 writer from 16 countries have contributed to the “Neoliberalizm ve Mimarlık Mesleğinin sonu” which was written upon Assoc. Dr. Hossein Sadri’s invitation and will be published by American based Springer Publishing. Sadri, who emphasized the book’s comprehensiveness in this sense said; “Many international studies have been carried out in order that the book can follow the developments in the different regions of the world. More than 30 researchers and writers from USA, Belgium, Ecuador, Holland, England, Italy, Iran, Canada, Montenegro, Qatar, Egypt, Serbia, Scotland, Turkey, Greece and Cyprus Universities have contributed for the 24 chapters in the book.