Tarih: 08/11/2016

-4th “GAU International Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Applications Symposium” has finished.

 “International Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Applications Symposium” which was organized by Girne American University (GAU) Faculty of Engineering has finished. Over 200 scientists came together in the Symposium and discussed the “codes of transition to the future world”.

GAU Rector Prof. Dr. Kutsal Ozturk, who has given a brief speech in the Symposium which was held in the GAU Millennium Senate Congress Hall between 2-3 November, thanked all academicians who participated in the 4th “International Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Applications Symposium” and stated that he is honored to host all the participants in the main campus of GAU. Öztürk expressed, “With its students from 115 different countries and campuses in 7 continents, GAU is a university which completely performs its vision of internationalization. Additionally, it became a tradition for GAU to host scientists in international symposiums and conferences. In the Symposium we organized for the 4th time, we achieved great results as we also did in the previous symposiums. This Symposium is an organization which, rather than the participant scientists, the students of GAU Faculty of Engineering take the most advantage”.

Prof. Dr. Ali Zeki, “It can be seen that with 50 presentations and ‘online attendance’, the participation to our symposium has increased this year and the amount of attention and achievement also increases in each year”

GAU Faculty of Engineering Lecturer Prof. Dr. Ali Zeki has made a statement at the end of the “International Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Applications Symposium”. Zeki underlined that the participation to the symposium increases incrementally in each year and as it is a wide-ranging symposium, several studies on various subjects has been collected to be presented in there and stated “The Symposium we held for the 4th time was organized with the support of GAU academic staff. Approximately 50 presentations have been performed in the symposium. This year, we also experienced a great increase in participation. Thus, in the following years, we plan to organize the Symposium in a more extensive way.”

.The participant scientists and academicians made successful presentations at the end of the Symposium which GAU Faculty of Engineering hosted for the 4th time.


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