Master of Physical Education Teaching



The Institute Of Social Sciences

Programe Type

Master of physical education and sport


Physical education and sports Teaching

Head of department

Asst.Prof.Dr.Mustafa Apak

Girne American University Institute of social sciences, physical education and sports Teaching master`s program aims to provide quality education, always rising trend. For this purpose, to be useful in collaboration with different professional organizations. Keep evolving science, on the one hand, the policy objective is to transfer the positive results to the community, on the other hand, thanks to the new applications and existing enterprise işbirlilleri to provide the new information to be added to views and research our vision even more.

Master of Physical Education and Sport Education Program with contemporary sporting institutions and organizations constitute important aspects of social life, sports activity and organizations equipped for scientific, educational, managers and professionals to lidership features to train. Competition in the sector and highlights the need for well-trained, well equipped as students, we work to provide you with training and development opportunities to prepare your professional life. The personnel requirements of the sector as a source of life and business will take your career goals.

Graduates of this program, in the case of the ministry  of education to obtain the required score exams about KPSS, or they can be assigned by the. In addition, in the case of universities, the academic lives of the required exams can continue to cross.  On the other hand, top degree programs in the Department of physical education and Sports teaching in terms of the transition to the doctor, it is possible to continue his education.

I think that Physical education and sports teaching my academic career I start my master `one of reasons of Girne American University. School of Sport has given me a quality education would be helpful in my professional career