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Interior Design Master Degree programme aims to create base for analysing and evaluating design products and applications under the scientific approach. Accordingly, programme stresses to global problems (such as sustainability, accessibility, alienation, etc.) in micro and macro scale furthermore to improve awareness. In addition, it exposes proper design and production methods for social and cultural context where they occur in interior design. Courses in the programme intend to gain students the ability of theoretical understanding, critical point of view, creative thinking and research based design skills. Additionally student will be able to analyse different aspects of interior design such as socially, culturally and economically. Finally programme is interdisciplinary therefore it is updated regularly for cooperation with other disciplines.

Interior Spaces are changing constantly in parallel with technology, life conditions and human needs. Contemporaneously it has huge impact on comfort, health and most importantly on culture. In consequence of that, as a profession Interior Design improving and updating itself constantly. Interior Designer has important role to design and produce places for living and places for reshaping our lives. Also they are responsible to know sufficient and updated information about their profession with environmental sensitivity. According to these circumstances Interior Design Master Degree programme aims to analyse production and usage of the place. In addition to responsibilities and role of the Interior Designer with interdisciplinary approach.

Interior Designers works design and application projects of existing and new interior spaces. Such as residents, accommodation facilities, commercial buildings, industrial buildings, health care facilities and cultural structures. They have various work opportunities among private sector to Government offices. Also Interior Designers able to open their business. In addition to they can continue their academic education and do Master and PHD while working at the academy.

My name is Katrin Barjawi. I am 23 years old and I am doing my master degree in Interior Design at GAU. I have finished my bachelors with a high GPA in painting from the University of Jordan. It was a very risky decision for me to come all the way to Cyprus and do my masters in a totally different field such as interior design, where I had little previous experience. After passing the first semester successfully, I must say this department has welcomed me with open arms, making it as flexible as possible, trying their best to educate and pass on their knowledge and experiences, and to give a better point of view. Every lecture has its own spirit and atmosphere, and every lecturer has his/her own methods, and they work so hard with us as much as possible.

I have received so much help from my teachers and colleagues, when I had some difficulties at studio classes, where I did not know how to make a plan or draw a scale or even use the right measures. Everyone was very helpful and understanding.  I used to see things in shades, colors and textures, rather than numbers, lines and measures. Now I can combine both to create a colorful artistic design yet fully studied, planned and measured.