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Assist. Prof. Dr. Shahin KEYNOUSH

Master in Architecture degree programme  of Girne American University aims to provide a ground necessary for the scientific analysis and the evaluation of built environment and its outcomes produced by the field of architecture, as a professional practice.

For this purpose, the progamme’s main objectives are: a)  to develop an awareness of the universal problems which built environment in general and particularly architecture are faced with them, such as social exclusion, uneven development of cities and environmental pollution; b) to understand the socio-cultural context of  the process of architecture; and in this respect, c)  to manifest the methods of design and creation of adequate environment.

In this context, the curriculum is reintroduced to supply the student’s need to the theoretic knowledge, critical view, creative mind and research based design skills. It also includes the socio-cultural and economic analysis of architecture and covers the interdisciplinary collaborations in this field.

Architecture is a filed which plays an essential role in the formation of all kind of built environments and correspondingly our life culture. Therefore architecture as a field of study, is a dynamic field which is being developed and updated consistently. Architects, who have an effective role in the foundation of our life-world and the environment we live in it, should be a competent in their profession with an up-to-date knowledge and environmental awaireness. They should also be able to identify, criticize and consider the dynamics and agents of the professional filed.

Accordingly, GAU master programme in Architecture, aims to investigate on the production and use of contemporary built environment and the role and the responsibilities of architectural profession in this process with an interdisciplinary approach.

Graduate of Master programme in Architecture are architects who can work in their own office, construction companies or the related departments in the public institutes and organizations. Architects work in design, planning, construction and control of various types of buildings and structures. Graduates of Architecture also have the chance to continue their career in academic institutions, by attaining PhD degree.

My name is Cenan Kızılay. I studies bachelor degree in architecture at Girne American University, Faculty of Architecture, Design and Faine Arts between 2009-2013. I have been accepted as master student from February 2013. During my bachelor degree education, I attended an education which provided a basis for the improvement of free design decisions with constructive critics, the up-to-date and international discussions and designs of appropriate spaces, new construction technologies and materials in the theoretic and application courses, the raising of awareness on humanitarian and environmental issues, by overseeing the socio-cultural concerns in addition to the architectural principles.

I also had the chance to study one semester in GAU Canterbury – England campus during my bachelor degree education and attend an  international  summer school organized by GAU and Oxford Brookes University in Supino – Italy in my master education. I learnt a lot of information from my lecturers and peers who came from diverse cultures and countries and I established valuable friendships and always felt as a member of a big family in my faculty.