Tarih: 24/04/2019

According to Prof.Dr.Mehmet Isbir’s statement, as protein is an important nutrient for the human body, it can usually be taken directly from animal products or nutritional products.


The Girne American University’s (GAU) Faculty of Pharmacy, the Head of the Pharmacology Branch, Prof.Dr.Mehmet Isbir, mentioned some important points about those who do sports and frequently use “protein powder”  to get more muscles in a short time, are damaging their body and is causing damages that can not be treated.


This is what Mr.Isbir said in his statement:


Plant Protein Causes A Lot Of Harm


Nowadays, we have 2 types of proteins what we call synthetic protein, which is vegetal or whey or  casein protein.Both of these are produced from milk. We advise these proteins to the elderly. We advise these to those who has metabolism disorder, those who can’t turn protein into amino acid. Recently, plant proteins came out and the harm they cause is very high.


Everything Is Poisonous. The Dose Separates The Difference


We have a famous saying, “Everything is poisonous; the dose separates the difference”. It harms the digestive system, whey and casein proteins are produced from milk. If a persons body is lactose intolerance; which this is hard for them to know, when they start using these their bowel, digestive system will not work properly.  Things like throwing-up and diarrhea starts to happen.


Protein Powders Cause You to Gain Weight In An Unhealthy Way


These powders are taken for different reasons. If the elderly’s have nutritional deficiency they take it under the control of the doctor. But it is harmful for an athlete to take. Because the weight they gain gets out of control.  If you are taking these proteins and if you are not doing a sport suitable to take that protein, without realising you will start gaining weight. Because these proteins automatically turn into fat in the body and if you do not do a sport that will turn that fat into muscle, you will start gaining weigh in an unhealthy way.


 Protein Powder Is The Cause Of Diabetes And Kidney Failure


Another reason is that it effects our sugar levels. When you take these proteins your sugar levels drop and you get hungry. As a result your sugar levels go topsy turvy and can come to hypotension. It can be the cause of kidney failure. When the body takes natural proteins, our system can easily break it up. However, when these type of proteins turn into amino acids and take the form of an are, causes a lot of harm to the kidneys. Those who take these kind of proteins and do sports that include weights it effects the way the kidneys work and constantly have to use diuretics.


The Use Of Protein Powder Causes Bone Loss And Hair Loss


It has been observed that the use of protein powder can result in bone loss. It was proved when human blood normally has a certain amount of amphoteric. When a large amount of these proteins are used, it increases the bloods acid and to even it out in the bone marrow, the blood and phosphor comes out. However, when a small amount is taken the bone is reinforced. this can lead up to osteoporosis and this can lead to a big problem for people.  Hair loss is another thing. It is formed from a material called hair keratin. There are a number of vitamins and hormones that support this. When you take these, the body does not take these vitamins and can lead to an excessive amount of hair loss.


Plant Protein, Causes Hormonal Disorder For Boys


Another important disorder is hormonal disorder. Especially when you take protein, plant proteins include something called phytoestrogens, and unfortunately this causes libido disorder for boys. When this is used as a doping ingredient, it creates a breast enlargement for boys. Recently, body builders have started to take this. Protein is a nutrition that strains the liver and leads to liver disorder.


When Protein Powders Are Mixed Up With Drugs, It Causes Bad Results


Recently, heavy metal poisonings have been happening. Because, the preparation for these proteins are different. Finally, they are mixed up with drugs. For example, drugs such as aspirin have effects such as reducing the absorption of aspirin by affecting proteins. There are two reasons why they are used, unfortunately sport instructors are insufficient in this subject. There are people that we call Coaches, they make you do sports and without any scientific or visual base’s they give people these proteins. This is causing bad results.