Tarih: 22/04/2019

Girne American University (GAU) Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Department and Tourism Club students has met with Sadık Doğan at the “Current Cutting Tools and Knives” event.

Sadık Doğan, who is a sales consultant at Pirge Knife, talked about the errors and the history of the knife in the kitchen in the kitchen in the event to the students of Girne American University Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts and Cookery Department of the American University of Cyprus.

Sadık Doğan emphasised that they define Pirge brand he works for as forefather of knives and has said “The history of human history is as old as the history of the knife. Our company is completely Turkish product and manufactured in Bursa. In Bursa, as an expert in this field, has been dealing with swords and knives for about 700 years. We work as a staff of 120 people and produce 1500 items per day.’’ ifadelerini kullandı.

Doğan noted that knives varied according to country, and that Asian model knives were sharper than the the European model, which is used harder and heavier blades and that Turkey is more used to European model knives. Sadık Doğan who explained anatomy of the knife to stuıdents has said “The main point you will be precise about is the type of knife to be used according to the hardness of the product.”

Doğan after demonstrating how the knives are sharpened and how they should be used to cut the vegetables in applied lesson to the Gastronomy and Culinary Arts students has gifted Pirge knives to the students after applied sharpening lesson.

Girne American University Dean of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Prof. Dr. Fadila Maraouch has presented Sadık Doğan a certificate of gratitude for his contributions, and Faculty member Münür Taçoy regional delicacies, and to Chef Ali Özçil presented apron of Girne American University Gastronomy Department and presents.

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