Tarih: 28/03/2019



Girne American University (GAU) continues its promotional activities and official foundations in Lebanon as part of its international initiatives.


American College Student Affairs Coordinator and GAU International Promotion Specialist Celal Sakka, in addition to his promotional activities in Lebanon, held one contact and meetings with senior officials.


Sakka in his statement said that the interest to GAU received great in fairs and visits, and that parents attach great importance to quality and experienced education abroad, especially for their children.


Sakka, in the statement made about talks, said that they started meetings with Turkish Ambassador Hakan Çakıl and meeting went positive. Çakıl in the meeting has said; “It is great that we see firsthand the interest in our Universities in Turkey and TRNC, we will always support our universities in all aspects”.


Sakka met with Zaher Sultan, Founder of Turkish-Lebanese Society, noted that Zaher has said ; “Together with GAU, we launched the introduction and work of the Cypriot universities 10 years ago in Lebanon. We are always grateful to GAU"


Sakka who met with Tripoli and Northern Lebanon Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture President Toufic Dabboussi said that Dabboussi`s comment was; “ We observed that interest in North Cypriot universities has increased a lot. In the coming years, we can work on different projects and further strengthen our support."

Yunus Emre Institute Director İbrahim Furkan Özdemir ; "Interest in Universities of North Cyprus is very intense. We will always support the introduction of Turkish Cypriot universities in the future.”


Finally, Sakka said that he had a meeting with the Mayor of Tripoli Ahmed Kamareddin and said that Kamareddin conveyed his observations about the interest in the TRNC universities and he said that they would be glad to continue their support in the upcoming years.