Tarih: 26/12/2018

In the Girne American University constitution, the ‘Health Ethic Committee’ , which has been active for a year, has been reconstructed to be favourable to the European Union.


With a written statement that was released by Prof.Dr. Hatice Sutcu, GAU’s Health Ethic Committee’s chairman,reminded us that the Faculty of Health Sciences and School of Nursing gives a national and international level of postgraduate education.


The statement included this information:

“At The School of Nursing 53  and at the Faculty of Health Sciences 32 students are doing their masters or their PHD. With the Ethic Committee’s consent, thesis and research is their first priority. GAU’s Health Ethic Committee; non-interventional clinical studies and health-specific intervention-free other (survey, observational, retrospective file examinations’ etc.) investigations evaluate the suitability  of the ethic rules. To apply to the ethic committee, at least one person has to have a position at GAU. At the Health Ethic Committee’s first meeting, along with the committee’s study essentials, with an unanimity of votes the committee’s chairman was elected. According to this; The committee is formed of these names:


Prof.Dr.Hatice Sutcu (Chairman, lecturer at the School of Nursing), Prof.Dr.Tulin Bodamyali (Chancellor’s Assistant, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences), Prof.Dr.Elcin Yoldascan (Lecturer of the Medical Faculty), Associate Dr.Mehmet Zeki Avci (Principal of the School of Nursing), Assistant Associate Dr.Nurcan Bilgic (Lecturer of the School of Nursing), Assistant Associate Dr.Ayse Seyer Cagatan (Lecturer of the Faculty of Health Sciences), Dr.Buket Huseyniklioglu (Principal of the School of Health) and Lale Guvenli (Reporter, Postgraduate Student- Education Institution). We respect our public opinion.”

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