Tarih: 26/12/2018

The Girne American University (GAU)’s Faculty of Communications Head Deputy of the New Media Department, Dr.Kamil Kanıpek, made a statement about one of the newest Departments of the Faculty of Communication and that it will start accepting students in the New Media Department during the 2018-2019 Academic Year.


Dr.Kanıpek, with the vision to bring up students from GAU’s Faculty of Communication to be knowledgeable, to have respect to ethic values, creative thinkers, to be sensitive about its society and environment, someone to make technology more active and productive for the society to develop, concentration on the sectors creativity and inventiveness; the development of the new media field, especially with the foundation of the internet, and has accomplished big investments in the sectors’ international extent. He also mentioned that, today the need for communicators is increasing in the New Media Department and the new generation that would be graduating.


Kanıpek; who pointed out that New Media Department was for students combining new media productions, technology, culture, art and industry activities to gain creative, critical and technical abilities that is necessary in this field, has said `Our students who follow a balanced curriculum made up of theoretical, practical and critical lessons, when they graduate from this field, can find job opportunities in broad field of newspaper and magazines, radio and television, social media, public relations, marketing and advertisement agencies, and particularly in fields that have online and digital works. Students who graduate from this program can find varied jobs such as, social media specialist, video producer, new media journalism, content marketing specialist, public relations specialist, new media advertising, creative media technician, press media consultancy and social media writer, can pursue and advance their careers in new media field.`


Deputy Head of GAU New Media Department Kanıpek mentioned that within the collaboration with the sector, knowledge and experiences of professionals were conveyed to students at events such as technical visits, studio work, real case presentations, conference and seminars, thereby personal connections had the opportunity to grow as well.