Tarih: 17/12/2018

- Girne American University Sufi Academy Concluded Its First Large Social Event.
First event to commemorate 745th death anniversary of Sufi Hz. Mevlânâ Celâleddîn-i Rûmî who took an important place in international cultural heritage in the not only islamic world but the world with his poems, ideas and teachings of tasawwuf(sufism) have been carried out in the country.
One of the vuslat(ultimate meeting) events, commemorating Mevlana`s passing away date (17 Dec 1273) called wedding night, the day of uniting with his beloved "re/uniting with lord" or Şeb-i Arûs, have been carried out in Girne American University (GAU).
Performed last night with presentation of GAU Sufi Academy`s Department Head Hakan Mengüç, under the name of "Mevlana Remembrance Night", took to the stage under the viewership of state and academic protocol besides a large crowd and with President Mustafa Akıncı`s patronage.
KKTC`s President Akıncı, who was unable to join the event due to his ailment, sent his best wishes, and to GAU Founding Rector Serhat Akpınar through written message and shared his gratification that remembrance night was organized in our country.
GAU Founding Rector Serhat Akpınar who made a brief speech before the start of the event emphasised that Sufi Academy, which he believed would contribute greatly to value of life within University would have many firsts, and reminded was an establishment "Aimed at continuing our search for peace and happiness with lightness of a sandgrain." And continued "Lost in depths of Hz.Mevlana`s journey through time, we`re going to feel the serenity and beauty between sema and the hunger, which I describe as depth."
In the night that had performance of theatrical interpretation of lifestory and works of Mevlânâ Celâleddîn-i Rûmî with Sufist Hakan Menguç and Friends, participation by semazen(whirling dervish) received great admiration as well. The remembrance night concluded with poems, choir and solo hymn performance.
It is learnt that that the tv recording of "Mevlana Remembrance Night" by Girne American University, will be aired by BRT Television tonight.