Tarih: 19/04/2018

In his statement, Professor Doctor Mehmet İşbir, expressed that protein is a very important building material for human body and it is usually taken directly from animal products or nutrition products.

In his statement which he stated that the protein powders which athletes often consume to gain muscles in a short time which can cause serious damages and irreversible harm, Girne American University (GAU) Faculty of Pharmacy, Head of Pharmacology Professor Doctor Mehmet İşbir, expressed some important points.

İşbir said in the rest of his speech;

Herbal Proteins Are Very Harmful

In our present day, there are 2 types of synthetic proteins we call herbal or whey, casein protein. Both are made of milk. We recommend these proteins only to the elders. We recommend them to people with disoriented metabolism who cannot transform protein into amino-acid. Lately, some herbal proteins have been found which are very harmful.

Everything is poison. What Distinguishes the Difference is Dosage

We have a very famous saying, ‘’Everything is a poison, what distinguishes the difference is the dosage’’. They are harmful to the digestive system; whey and casein are made of milk. If a person’s body reacts to lactose which is very difficult to know, the digestive system will be disoriented as soon as he starts using these. They will cause vomiting and diarrhea.

Protein Powders Cause Unhealthy Gain of Weight

The purpose of buying these powders are different. If elderly have difficulty of nutrition they will be taking it under a doctor’s control. But it is harmful for an athlete to use these. Because it causes uncontrollable gain of weight. If you are using this protein and you are not doing the right sport for its consumption, you will start gaining weight. Because proteins turn into fat automatically, and if you are not doing any sports to turn that fat into muscle, you will start gaining unhealthy weight.

Protein Powders Cause Blood Sugar and Kidney Irregularities

Another point is, it affects blood sugar greatly. When you consume these proteins, blood sugar goes down and the person gets hungry. As a result of this, blood sugar goes out of control and results of these can go all the way to hypotension. It causes kidney irregularities. When the body consumes natural protein, the system can easily digest it. But when proteins like these turn into amino-acid in urea, it causes great damage to the kidneys. Those who consume such proteins and do heavy sports, use diuretics because their kidneys are affected.

Use of Protein Powder Causes Bone and Hair Loss

It has been seen that the event which we call bone loss happens as a result of consuming protein powder. This has been proved this way, normally human blood has a specific acid-base level. When such powders are highly consumed, blood acid goes up and bone marrows excrete blood water and phosphor. Although when it is taken lesser, it reinforces the bones. And this might even cause osteoporosis in the bones that causes great problems for the person. And another one is, hair loss. Hair is made of a substance we call keratin. There are some types of vitamins and hormones which supports this. When we consume these, the body does not get the vitamins, and this causes hair loss.

Herbal Proteins Cause Hormonal Irregularities in Males

Another important irregularity is hormonal irregularity. Especially in protein consumption, herbal proteins have a substance we call phytoestrogen and unfortunately this causes disturbances such as libido irregularity in males. When we use this as a doping supply it causes breast growth in males. Bodybuilders started using these recently. Protein is a nutrient that harms the liver greatly, it can also cause liver damage.

Protein Dusts Interacts with Medicine and Cause Bad Results

Recently there has also been heavy metal poisonings. Because the making of the proteins are very different. Lastly, they also have interactions with medicine. For example, pills like aspirin can interact with the proteins and cause reduction of aspirin absorption. There are two causes for the use of this, unfortunately sports mentors are insufficient in this. There are people we call Coaches; these people make people do sports and they supply our friends with protein without and scientific or visual evidence. And this causes bad results.