Tarih: 28/03/2018

As a part of Girne American University Career Centre Sectoral development events "Modern Marketing Techniques in Real Estate sector" themed, Brand Management seminar was organised in collaboration with the Communication Faculty of GAU.


The Public Relations Specialist Jale Madi and Kıbrıs Developments Director of Project Design and Marketing Division Harper Özbirim attended as speakers to the seminar which was organised by GAU Career Centre, GAU Communication Faculty, and Kıbrıs Developments.


Vice Dean of GAU Communication Favulty Assoc.Prof.Dr. Remziye Terkan thanked Coordinate of GAU Career Centre and Kibris Developments while doing the opening speech of the seminar. Terkan pointed out that communication has importance in every field, especially for businesses, it has a strategic value. Terkan continued her speech with:


"Communication is effective on every step of production, marketing, target audience and the development of this array. In addition, branding, which is the most valuable thing for a business, is a type of communication where you distinguish a business from the competition by creating a lasting impression on customer`s mind. This event, by clarifying subjects such as business management, marketing, brand and brand management, will help you find answers for your questions with real life experiences and examples." 


Kibris Developments Public Relations Specialist Jale Madi said in her speech that The Brand Kibris Developments started boutique projects in 1985 and then moved onto mass housing in construction sector since. Madi in the rest of her speech said;


"Our previous mass housing project Escape Homes was awarded in a Real Estate competition in Dubai. Our project Milos Park was also awarded in the annual Real Estate awards of Hürriyet known as "Oscar of the Real Estate" Sign of the City. This was the first entry to the awards from a foreign country. The biggest reason for the improvement in the Real Estate sector in TRNC was the Annan Plan in 2004 and the other major reasons were the arrival of foreign investors in 2015, the growth in the number of students, and some instances in Turkey."


As for Kibris Developments Director of Project Design and Marketing Division Harper, he pointed out some examples from the projects that they carried into effect and from marketing and its relationship with stories. Özbirim said in his speech:


 "We looked at the area of the project. We saw the Milos mills in Alsancak. They were in really bad shape and at the edge of falling into pieces. We thought that this might be our starting point and those mills became our story. Most of the trees at the area of the project were olive trees so we decided that olive trees would be our logo. Since it was going to be a project embedded in nature we used "Spirit of the Nature will live in your Home" as our slogan."


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