AYDIN; People usually don’t go to therapy, and 50% of the ones who do, don’t go to the second session.

Tarih: 26/03/2018

As part of Girne American University (GAU) term activities, the interview of “extraordinary career”; “create your own career” with “the psychologist of bar” Ferhat Aydın, which recently became a very hot issue and made a difference, was carried out.

In the interview which Ferhat Aydın carried out, he told the students, his own life time story and how he created his extraordinary career. He said that the rate of people going to psychologists is very low so from his school years and onward, he chose this way with the thought of “if they won’t come to us, I will go to them. In the rest of his speech, he said;

“I am glad to be here with you. People usually don’t go to therapy and 50% of the ones who do, don’t go to the second session. Even the therapy itself can be interrogated. If therapy is to put a bug in someone`s ear, we can even do this in front of the stage. I chose this. After the all failure stations in the middle, the success is the last stop.”


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