Tarih: 16/03/2018

Turkish cooks came together with World Cooks as part of the 16. International Istanbul Culinary Days, which took place in cooperation with Cooks and Chefs Federation of Turkey (TAŞED) and World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS).

The Culinary Days which was visited by approximately 30.000 people, was attended by 2100 cooks, 450 of them from 30 other countries that competed in 75 categories, and 100 judges, 25 of them foreign.

In the structure of TÜYAP, where team competitions take place besides individual competitions, Gastronomy and Culinary Arts students won 10 medals in 8 different categories.

In the statement which has been made by Gastronomy and Culinary Arts, it is pointed out that GAU students have succeeded in different categories and won various awards. In the statement it was also emphasized that the award was a source of pride and pleasure for GAU and the department, it is emphasized that well-disciplined works, knowledge, skills and creativeness of the students and also the self- confidence that they have shown are the factors that led them to success and the award.

 The statement pointed out that GAU students who competed in 8 categories won 1 gold, 6 silver and 3 bronze medals, it is emphasized that participating in these kinds of competitions empower students’ self-confidence, help to improve themselves, to gain experience and to come together with other young and master cooks in the World.



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