Tarih: 20/02/2017

“I criticize those who will give me work all the time.”

Girne American University hosted Yilmaz Vural, one of the colored people of Turkey Football Community as part of’ 2016-2017 Academic Year Interviews`.


While students and academicians show intensive attention to the interview ,which is realized in GAU Kyrenia Campus Millenium Senate Congress Center and its moderator is GAU Director of Sports and Recreation Prof.Dr. Mustafa Ferit Acar, Vural responded to all the questions directed to him about the life of football and coaching.


“I criticize those who will give me work all the time.”

Yılmaz Vural mentioned about the events that took place in Turkey Football, the mistakes made and the things to be done and said; “The right order, the right system must be established. Otherwise, I have been telling that our country will stay far behind the world soccer since 1986 (since I’ve taken office) in Turkey. Since I am from Germany, I have the opportunity to compare here with there. Although I am a professional coach, I criticize those who will give me work all the time. In this country; I say that the sports are not well managed.”


At the end of the conversation with the question-answer process, Rector of GAU Prof.Dr. Kutsal Öztürk delivered a plaque to Yılmaz Vural for his participation and conveyed his thanks.