Tarih: 20/02/2017


The 2nd International Conference on Applied Economics and Finance, one of the international conferences of Girne American University for the 2016-2017 Academic Year, was held with intense participation.


While the conference (which current developments in world and Turkish economies have been discussed) takes place under the guidance of Deputy Dean, Faculty of Business Administration Assist. Assoc. Dr. Derviş Kırıkkaleli and Undersecretary of Treasury Expert Assoc. Dr. Hasan Murat, many well-known scientists from around the world participated in the conference.


Speakers from Turkey, USA, Denmark, England, Malaysia, Australia, Poland, Czech Republic, Jordan, Kuwait, Macedonia, Ivory Coast, Uruguay, Vietnam, Serbia, India, Spain, Pakistan, Ukraine, Georgia, Romania and Solvenia have attended the 2nd International Conference on Applied Economics and Finance in addition to TRNC and the conference attracted great interest in the world financial circles.


Among the 309 national and international conferences in the field of economics and finance organized by INOMICS in 2016 and 2017, the GAU 2nd International Conference on Economics and Finance took part in the top 15 conferences. Besides, while the conference attracted many international institutions were taking part in websites of of many public and private finance institutions, the organization was supported by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey.


Deputy Dean of the GAU Business Administration Faculty Derviş Kırıkkaleli, who made a statement about the subject, stated that despite it was the second year of the conference, nearly 250 applications have been received and 170 notices have been accepted. He emphasized that the conference held by GAU have the characteristics of the largest and most comprehensive academic conference held in TRNC. Kırıkkaleli also said that more than 100 academicians from 23 different countries attended to the conference.




Assistant Professor Kırıkkaleli said : “We believe that the conference, which took place with expert international participants, is beneficial both to the academic community in the TRNC and to the public and private TRNC economy community. We are proud to see that world-renowned academics, high-level bureaucrats and private sector representatives, especially those working in the financial sector took part as speakers. A recital of economics scholars has been realized.”


At the opening and subsequent sessions of the "2nd International Conference on Applied Economics and Finance,” while world-famous Panel Data Econometrician Professor Badi H. Baltagi Spatial evaluates the developments in the area of Panel Econometrics, Deputy Chairman of Capital Markets Board of Turkey and former chairman of Istanbul Stock Exchange Assoc. Prof. Dr. Talat Ulusever analised the recent developments in Turkey and world capital markets.


Vice Chairman of the Banks Regulation and Supervision Board Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yakup Asarkaya referred to the banking systems of Turkey and world at the conference. On the other hand, HSBC Global Director from England Assistant Professor Alper Özün relayed information about risk management in international banking.


Sessions on 5th December, which is the first day of the 2nd International Conference on Applied Economics and Finance, a special session – which Middle East Technical University Academician, Prof. Dr. Ramadan Sarı, Prof. Dr. Yılmaz Kılıçaslan from Anadolu University and Dr. Yener Coşku from the Turkish Capital Market took place – was arranged to evaluate the recent developments in the economy of Turkey. 




Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration of GAU, Assistant Professor Derviş Kırıkkaleli said on the closing sessions of the conference: “Girne American University`s international student profile, vision, academic and social activities have gained momentum. It is no doubt that universities have a large share in the country`s economy. With the number of students increasing every year, this share is growing. At the same time, it is also a fact that Girne American University, which has the biggest share in this direction, increases the recognition of international students in the name of the students` future with the accreditations they have and raises the quality of education by international investment, activity and agreements every day. As far as we know, our conference is not only in the field of economics and finance but also academically the biggest conference that our country has organized. With this organization realized by GAU, I would like to express once again that our university has played a leading role in TRNC education sector.”

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